Neighborhood tour: Sunday in Yeniköy
Looking to make the most of an exciting day in the city without time and energy lost in Istanbul traffic? We’re going to show you how! Let’s start with the coastal neighborhood of Yenikoy, but we’ll also quickly cross to the other side—all completely hassle-free.

9.30am: breakfast at Hayatın Sofrası

For a quiet start to the day, head to a residential part of the neighborhood. Hidden between the houses is Hayatın Sofrası, a homey eatery and catering company cooking delicious yet slightly healthier versions of comforting Turkish foods. Their breakfast is made of the highest quality organic produce.

Hayatın Sofrası

10.30am: stroll around

Walk down the hill towards the neighborhood’s main street by the Bosphorus. It might seem like a long stroll for some (approximately 30 minutes), but it is also a pleasant one that can help you explore the area and admire the local architecture. By the time you reach your destination, you might be considering moving to Yeniköy altogether.

11am: visit Panagia Church

If you’re a curious explorer and appreciate a devotion to spirituality, you might want to respectfully participate in Sunday Greek Orthodox service at Panagia Church, a surviving piece of history from when the current minority was the neighborhood’s majority.

12pm: walk along the Bosphorus

Nothing is better for recharging your inner batteries than a walk along the Bosphorus. Although much of the coastline is taken up by private residences and restaurants, there is still plenty of open space to enjoy the beauty of the water.

1pm: lunch at Apartımant

When it’s time for lunch, head to Apartıman, which serves delicious seasonal dishes in a cozy, casual atmosphere. When the weather is nice, you’ll want to grab one of their outdoor tables.


3pm: take a ferry ride

Get ready for a surprising twist: departing from Yeniköy Pier, the motorboat to Beykoz will take you across the water in no more than 10 minutes. What for, you ask…?

Yeniköy Pier

4pm: movie time at Kundura Cinema

Starting at 4pm every Saturday and Sunday are classic film screenings at Kundura Sinema. The complex is just a short walk from the pier, with plenty of open space to enjoy. Plus, their program is unlike any other in town. We can’t wait for the rest of the planned cultural complex to arrive; adding a gallery, theater, and places to eat into the mix.  

Beykoz Kundura

6.30pm: back to Yeniköy

Boats operate between Beykoz and Yeniköy every half hour on weekends and every 20 minutes on weekdays. You will be back in Yeniköy in no time.

7pm: dinner at Araka

With its extraordinary and impeccably executed seasonal menu by chef Pınar Taşdemir, Araka is the perfect place for lunch (or dinner) everytime you pass by Yeniköy. The ultimate spot for the culmination of your Sunday!


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