Unmissable experience: best places for breakfast in Istanbul

Good breakfast sets the tone for the entire day. In Turkey, perhaps more than anywhere else, the first meal of the day easily turns into a banquet, with all kinds of dishes and regional influences going into the mix. While offerings vary, the dishes are always plentiful and meant to be shared, ensuring that the occasion is enjoyed with the right amount of luxurious leisure. Here’s a list of our most trusted breakfast addresses around town.

Find the perfect breakfast place close to you:

Cihangir, Çukurcuma, Beyoğlu, and Galata

Van Kahvaltı Evi in Cihangir is the quintessence of Turkish breakfast concept. Located within the residential area popular among foreigners, it faces long queues during the weekend, yet the menu quality remains unspoiled. Enjoy your tea while you wait.

Quiet, hidden garden in Cihangir, Kahve 6, is a go-to spot of many locals who appreciate the relaxed vibe, and the menu varied enough so that you can enjoy it on any given day of the week.

Cihangir’s Journey is on the more contemporary side of breakfast. Think green smoothies, avocados, and homemade granola with fresh fruit. T: 0212 244 89 89

Galata Şirin Fırın is an instagrammers’ favorite. Stone’s throw from Galata Tower, it offers simple yet colorful treats.

Şirin Fırın

Breakfast at Cuma  in Çukurcuma is always a good idea. With all egg varieties you can only think of, and the smell of freshly baked goods inside, it might simply lure you in to stay for lunch as well.

With its delicious homemade traditional breakfast and outdoor tables just a minute away from Galata Tower, Bakkal is one of those places that we would like to see more of in Beyoglu.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, Zencefil in Beyoglu is the place to keep in mind. Classic breakfast offering can be modified according to your dietary requirement. Very reasonable prices.

All newcomers to Istanbul love Cafe Privato for its easy-going vibe, so the place closes our Beyoglu breakfast list as one of the liveliest of them all.

Cafe Privato

Karaköy and Tophane

Namlı Gurme is a classic charcuterie, with one of the widest ranges of dishes on offer. You can try them in or take away and enjoy at home.

Mum’s in Karakoy is a great choice for a group of many different tastes: from classic to modern to healthy, its menu is what makes it one of the most popular locations in the area.


Arada Cafe in Tophane adds a Middle Eastern twist to the traditional breakfast that includes hummus, fatteh, and top your labneh with a bit of zaatar.

Galata Simitçisi is a great alternative for those who like their breakfast to go or to enjoy on a ferry. One of the best addresses in town for classic simit.

Fancy traditional breakfast against a view of the Galata Tower and the historic peninsula? Mükellef and its spacious terrace have got you covered!


European Bosphorus coastline 

Offering a few a la carte contemporary breakfast plates, Apartıman in Yeniköy is one of those rare places in Istanbul where quality is always maintained in every single dish that comes out of its kitchen. Not only at breakfast.

Generations of Istanbulites enjoy traditional breakfast menu at Emirgan Sütiş. Its location on the city’s favorite strolling route and next door from Sabancı Museum makes it a popular hangout until late evening hours.

Vegan, paleo, and raw diet enthusiasts head to Gab Foods in Kuruçeşme. The place known for its smoothie bowls, gluten-free waffles and pancakes also offers plenty of homemade things you can eat at home.

Gab Foods

Among all places along the ‘breakfast lane’ in Rumeli Hisarı, Kale Cafe is the name that you’ll hear more than others. In order to learn why, you’ll have to check for yourself.

Surrounded by the lush museum garden and overlooking the Bosphorus, MSA Restaurant is a teaching location for the city’s established culinary school graduates—far from traditional spreads yet on the very delicious side of things.

Using organic produce sourced from Anatolian farms, Hayatın Sofrasıoffers healthy take on homemade breakfast, served alongside some wellness advice from its doctor founder.

Boasting one of the most instagrammed terraces in Istanbul, Mangerie in Bebek opens its doors as early as 8am to serve a wide variety of all-day breakfast offerings, from traditional Turkish to contemporary.

Offering rich varieties of traditional turkish breakfast, Lokma in Rumeli Hisarı serves them against a beautiful Bosphorus view.

Bebek Kahve is a simple waterfront eatery yet also one of the most popular breakfast spots in the area. The offering covers all local staples, from eggs to olives to cheese and tea.

Neighborhood’s classic and a favorite address of many generations of locals, Emek in Yeniköy serves all classic dishes that you crave in the morning.


House Cafe in Ortaköy is one of the neighborhood’s favorites, with variety of options steering both towards contemporary as well as traditional flavors.

If you want to mix things up, Sırçacı14 in Yeniköy is the place to enjoy both traditional menemen and eggs benedict. Whichever way you prefer, it can come to your table with a side of brunch must-have, mimosa.

Since the last two years Grandma and Grandpa cafes have been taking Istanbul streets by storm. Their Bebek address is one of our favorite for modern breakfast and sourdough bread shopping.



That one streetfront spot in the heart of Tesvikiye that remains crowded no matter the time of the day is Saray Muhallebicisi, popular among many generations of locals.

In high demand due to its all-you-can-eat concept, Çeşme Bazlama Kahvaltı had to open a second address across the street just to keep up with popularity. Their homemade jams are to die for!

Çeşme Bazlama Kahvaltı

Sourcing all products from its farm in Thrace, Palivor Çiftliği offers delicious and high quality menu items, from eggs to cheeses to homemade preserves.

One of the recent openings in Nisantasi, Sam Kitchen, offers delicious ideas on a plate at any given time of the day. Their contemporary breakfast is no exception.

Sam Kitchen

Healin’ is the address for those, who due to their dietary requirements tend to stay away from traditional breakfast spreads. Vegan, vegetarian, paleo and keto options are all part of the menu.

Although only available on Sundays, Alta offers the kind of brunch we wanted to see in Istanbul for a long time — away from the typical hotel opulence, it sticks to delicious homemade options.

Mentioned for its Bebek address already, Grandma in Nişantaşı is a classic location where locals not only eat in but also shop for their delicious baked goods in the morning.


At Forno Balat, the decor is simple and retains a lot of individual flare; it speaks of attentive home cooking and the soul of the neighborhood.

With its authentic decor Perispri is one of Balat’s must-visits. Enjoying delicious homemade breakfast in a setting that blends traditional and artistic influences is one of a kind experience.

Forno Balat


Moda locals like to consider Dün their best kept secret — a quiet place away from the main streets, which is often overlooked by the weekend visitors.

Naan, the first sourdough bakery on this side of the Bosphorus, has many devoted customers on any given day of the week. If you have any room left after breakfast, try one of their homemade cakes.

At 180 Coffee Bakery you can enjoy the delicious contemporary breakfast around a large common table—a favorite among freelancers.

Offering several types of breakfast spreads that combine traditional staples with some of the less common dishes, Naga Putrika is an ideal address for weekend gatherings.

Other corners of the Asian side 

For anything served between slices of sourdough bread head to Sour&Sweet bakery in Caddebostan. You’ll find their new, more spacious location by following the of freshly baked bread.

Cultivating the summer spirit in the city, Tuzla Yacht Club is the ultimate breakfast getaway. Waterfront tables, and a little beach for kids to play make the recipe for success. Be careful, morning feast can easily turn into a whole day.

Located in Kuzguncuk, the restaurant ran by Pulat Çiftliği serves homegrown delicacies from their Silivri farm, many available for purchase. From their breakfast menu çılbır is to die for.


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