After completing the 45-hour moving operation during the first weekend of April, Istanbul bid farewell to Atatürk Airport and redirected its air traffic to the new facility, Istanbul Airport, located in the northern part of the city. Here’s everything you need to know about this new hub in order to avoid unnecessary stress.

By taxi

Taxi is often the most convenient choice, especially that the connecting route isn’t very busy yet. However, keep in mind that Istanbul traffic can be heavy and might add up to two hours to your regular commute during peak hours. Use these simple tools to make the best possible decision for your trip: 

  • Calculate the fare in advance using iTaksi, biTaksi, Uber, or Careem apps; when traveling to and from the airport, enter your pickup address as well as destination to avoid reroutes and let the navigational tool choose the most convenient route. 
  • Check out the current traffic situation and estimated arrival time via Yandex maps; note that peak hours are between 7:30am–9am and 5pm–7:30pm, so you might want to research a day in advance to find out how your travel time could be affected. 
  • When traveling from the airport, only taxis assigned to the airport stand are able to pick up travelers. Note that, besides the standard yellow cabs, there are also turquoise and black taxis on offer, and their prices vary (yellow being least expensive, black the most expensive). 


HAVAİST has replaced the Havataş bus service which operated to and from Atatürk Airport. HAVAİST is a part of the public transport system, so you can use your Istanbulkart as a ticket, and is available on several different routes, including those passing via well-connected locations, such as: 

  • Taksim: to interchange to the metro, finiculair, buses, as well as walking distance from popular hotels in Beyoğlu;
  • Beşiktaş: walking distance from the ferry port and close to locations along the European Bosphorus coastline;
  • TÜYAP: Istanbul’s busiest convention center;
  • Hacıosman: switching to a bus from the furthest metro stop in the north of the city during rush hours might save you some travel time.

For a full list of estimated travel times and fares see, timetables are available at

By public bus

If you have plenty time on your hands, public buses are the cheapest option. You can see the details of all routes from by typing Istanbul havalimani into the search bar.