Swiping your finger through Istanbul’s many faces, explore the infinite source of knowledge about the city.

To keep up with the latest discoveries of cafes, restaurants, cultural events, and shops, follow @theguideistanbul.  The account provides inspiration for your private journeys around town, appreciated by both travelers and Istanbulites alike. Never a dull moment on The Guide Istanbul’s daily feed.

Photo by @theguideistanbul

Scrolling through @istanbulfood by gastronomy writer Tuba Şatana will whet your appetite. Featuring fresh ingredients at markets, tasty meals in eateries, and homemade dishes from Şatana’s own kitchen, this account presents the most mouthwatering side of the city. 

Photo by @istanbulfood

Ferries have long been a part of the daily life in Istanbul. By posting pictures only about the ferry (vapur in Turkish), @vapuring reveals Istanbul’s unique turquoise beauty and deep, fluid connection with the water. The sea, seagulls, passengers, and a cup of tea against the sunset are elements that make a classic Bosphorus scene.

Photo by @vapuring

For those interested in Istanbul of yore, @hayalleme will give you the nostalgic vibe. Named after the word for “imagination” in Turkish, the account collects vintage photos of Istanbul taken from the 1850s to 1980s and shows before-and-after pictures revealing the cityscape changes through the years.

Photo from @hayalleme

Check out @manyetikbant for information on urban life in Istanbul. Local blogger Artemis Günebakanlı notices the beauty of daily life, such as rainy Beşiktaş seen through a window, a view of Bosphorus behind trees, or a television-head model from a vintage store. Günebakanlı will surprise you with the lovely minutiae of this lively city.

Photo by @manyetikbant

Focusing on the sea and architecture is an account by @berkmannn. If this dynamic city dazzles you, look at the elegance of Istanbul through his lens. Enjoy the serenity while looking at these photos of the Bosphorus, palaces, mosques, and traditional apartments.

Photo by @berkmannn

Get ready for a city walking tour on @photo.bookk. As a student in Istanbul, Tuğçe Karaman explores different neighborhoods during her spare time. Besides Galata, her favorite places for photography are Balat, Kuzguncuk, and Rumeli Hisarı.

Photo by @photo.bookk


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