Suma Beach: a summer playground for grown-ups
Forget the pubs and clubs you go to the rest of the year—summer is for taking partying to a whole new level! If you are craving a night combining music, the beach, and a breeze, then Suma Beach in Kilyos could be the place. Its multifunctional venue holds various outdoor events and parties throughout the summer.

A unique vibe

A pair of Chinese lion statues stand at the entrance; armchairs and sofas are scattered across the lawn; a ghost ship-like installation looms by one side; a rickety van catches your eye with neon lights and party music—you will already be fascinated by Suma Beach’s eccentric ambience even before reaching the main party area. As crisp beats and bleeps of deep and minimal house spun by local and international DJs fill the space, Istanbul’s dance-lovers get into the groove.

The crowd thins as it spreads outwards from the DJ booth, friends kick back in string hammocks or sit together in painted bathtubs. Further away still, there is live music courtesy of the Karakedi stage, where local bands play gypsy tunes, creating a whole different vibe. Food stalls serve up healthy fuel, bars mix up tasty cocktails, and obscure sculptures fire the imagination.

Music, art, and entertainment

After first making an impression on the city’s young party-goers in 2013, Suma Beach has become a summer favorite spot. We asked one owner/partner, Cengiz Can Atasoy (the other being Evrim Tüfekçioğlu) to tell us how it all started.

“While the initial idea was to put on a festival, we realized that one can only do that with huge budgets, meaning we would need a lot of support from sponsors, and lots of ticket sales, both of which have a detrimental impact on the general intimacy and vibe of the event,” he said. “We wanted the festival experience, with amazing music, the open air, the beautiful decorations and visuals, and that extra freedom people seem to feel in that kind of environment (as opposed to a club), but we also wanted it to feel more intimate and organic.”

There’s more than just amazing parties in the ‘beach meets enchanted forest’ though. During the day, the connected beach hosts workshops, yoga, surfing, and barbecue days, with new art installations often added to the space. “We wanted to create a community, where we would be open to and supportive of people that wanted to contribute in some way,” explained Atasoy. “If you have an idea to create something, we will allow you to build it and display it (if we like it a lot, we will fund it), and allow it to be seen by the thousands of people that come to Suma every weekend. In that way, it is similar to Burning Man.”

Gümüşdere Mahallesi, Boğaziçi Kampüs Yolu, No.1/A, Kilyos T: 0535 767 35 27

Lineup of DJs and upcoming events can be found at

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