Top 7 cozy reading cafes in Istanbul
The qualities we look for in our favorite coffee shops begin to change on cold weather days. Instead of breezy outdoor spaces, our eyes look for the most comfortable couches and soft light that enhances the quality of indoor conversations. Here are our favorite cozy spots to hide with a good read over a hot cup of coffee.

Grön Coffee Company in Erenköy has got you covered all year round. When the garden season is over, move your seat from the front yard to the super comfy couches or a hip entresol—perfect for people watching. To keep the summer memories alive, you’ll want a Lavender Latte by your side.

With its living room-like ambiance, Tasse Coffee in Yeniköy will make you feel cozy and comfortable no matter the season. You can browse through the bookshelves for a good read or bring your own, dedicating as much time to yourself as possible.

Although the cafe is the centerpiece, Nail in Kuzguncuk is first and foremost a bookstore. You will love everything about it, from the historic building it’s located in, to the endless selection of books filling the entire space from top to bottom.

Slightly off of our usual path, Cargo Coffee Co. in Ataşehir is one of those places where modern design meets casual comfort. Proof that great ideas can be found all over the city, there is also now a Bomonti location.

Thanks to its spacious interiors, Rawsters Coffee in Maslak is where you’ll be able to find your spot even when the place is at full capacity. On warm winter days, there are also plenty of outdoor options available.

As if designed with cold weather in mind, the warm interiors of Blum Coffee House in Akaretler has one important advantage over other locations on our list—here you can find The Guide Istanbul print issues to spend your time with.

Rafine in Moda stands for leisure time spent in a mindful way. With no wireless internet, and no laptops allowed within the space, you can count on quiet quality time. Plenty of room and many set up options are available, plus all the delicious sweet treats if you plan to stay for more than just a moment.

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