Issue 169: November/December 2019


In this issue:

  • Istanbul in Turkish cinema,
  • sweet talk about helva,
  • lessons in food geography at Cooks Grove, and more.

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From the editorial letter:

Even if we don’t necessarily like end-of-the-year questions and surveys, in November and December they always find a way to get to us. Suddenly, in the middle of scrolling down our social media feeds, we begin to reflect on how we did in 2019. We analyze our relationships, careers, family, health, and maybe some questionable fashion choices, placing the largest community we interact with–the city of Istanbul–somewhere towards the end of the list, if on it at all. 

In an overwhelming surrounding like Istanbul, it’s easy to bring yourself down by thinking that a single individual makes little impact. But when 15 million people follow the same lead, real change happens quickly. Just like any other trend spreading around the city, we also can make a good example go viral. All you need to do in 2020 is to become even more mindful of your actions, and you will eventually see a great difference.