Issue 166: May/June 2019


In this issue:

  • Turkish breakfast of champions,
  • sustaining the city, and more.

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From the editorial letter:

Having settled in our comfort zones during the colder months, we tend to welcome spring with a blend of excitement as well as uncertainty. It’s the time of the year—this year even more so—when nothing should be taken for granted: the weather, local election results, whether you can reach the new airport in time to make your flight, among other things. 

As human nature has it, witnessing and participating in so many new experiences at once tends to make us uncomfortable, and therefore we question the times when “new” actually equals “better.” In the course of a lively debate it is easy to let this season slip between the fingers. We might even forget that spring is the most beautiful time of the year to explore Istanbul, and too precious to waste on wondering how we feel about a change that’s already happened. Instead of talking about it—embrace it. The new, just like the seasons, has its mysterious way of working in everyone’s favor.