Let it be: one line drawing workshop
In a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, people use the simplest tools to explore their creativity at Ekin Anıl’s one line drawing workshop.

“I did not graduate from a fine art department,” artist Ekin Anıl told The Guide Istanbul, “so instead of teaching, I like sharing my story and the drawing techniques I discovered during my working process.” After writing down “Korkma!” (don’t be afraid in Turkish) on the board, Anıl said that this is the first thing she wants to share in her workshop.

In Anıl’s childhood, because her drawings were not realistic enough to match the academic aesthetics, she was told by the adults that she didn’t have the talent and gave up on her artist dreams. But five years ago, after studying and working in advertising and art management, Anıl picked up her brush again. “Art is not exclusive, but belongs to everyone,” said Anıl, who now creates her own work and holds workshops to tell people that drawing is actually an easy and pleasant thing.

After demonstrating how to draw with a single line and introducing the basic techniques, Anıl gives the participants ample time to explore with their own hands, using the most accessible tools—paper, pens, and markers—to create portraits with minimalist lines. At first, you might be a bit scared for not knowing where your brush should go. But once you start, quickly you will find your flow and style and be confident in drawing.

Simplicity is what makes one line drawing enticing. “It’s like poetry,” said Anıl, when explaining why she is obsessed with this particular style of art, “it allows us to use minimal elements to express our feelings.” Experience this comforting activity at Anıl’s workshops or find more of her design products online.

Follow Ekin Anıl on Instagram: @ekinanil; her works are available at neohomosapien-illustrations.myshopify.com.

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