Gravity-defying yoga at Studio Chillax
Studio Chillax’s Anti Gravity yoga will give a full work out with aerial poses to build flexibility, while you may feel like a professional acrobat.

Swinging from side to side, at times upside down and hanging from a long piece of silk, may seem like the job of a professional circus acrobat. In Istanbul, however, it could also be an AntiGravity yoga class at Studio Chillax, where you perform a mixture of classic yoga, dance, and stretching, all while suspended from the ceiling in a hammock. It is not as difficult as it seems if you play the game by the rules: listen carefully and hold on tight.

At the new licensed Studio Chillax in Akatlar, there are up to ten installed AntiGravity silk hammocks hanging from metal consoles on the ceiling. For an hour you are taken through standing and aerial poses, balancing postures, and meditations, all hanging down the hammocks that allow your spine to curve naturally and help your body stand up to gravity.

Fearless athletic instructors Evren Özus and Yasemin Şişman were trained by AntiGravity Turkey, a certified training center, operating in accordance with the US legal regulations. They lead new students through technical and meditative aspects with their extensive knowledge and calming attention.

Although the aerial exercise may seem suitable only for experienced gymnasts or acrobats, it suits a wide group of participants, including beginners. Your first class will be like nothing you have tried before, including the Spider pose, in which you turn around. The pose not only brings vigor but also self-confidence and satisfaction as silk hammocks hold you by your waist so you can master the pose. Participants conclude with the Womb pose, in which you curl up on your hammock to come out fully relaxed.

AntiGravity yoga is known for its healing qualities, including those dealing with the spine, posture, blood circulation, digestion, and nervous system. It is also an excellent way to build flexibility, work out in a relatively low intensity, and relieve stress. Additionally, hanging upside down is said to have anti-aging benefits by increasing blood circulation toward your head.

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Prof. Dr. Kaya Çilingiroğlu Caddesi No.6, Akatlar; T: 0553 830 04 53


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