Dine in style: eating and drinking in Nişantaşı
With its many international luxury brands and Turkish designer boutiques, Nişantaşı is Istanbul’s most exclusive neighborhood. To complete your high-end shopping trip, and top up your energy, take a break at some of the best cafés, restaurants, and bars in the area.

Breakfast and pastries


As versatile as it is young, Grandma has made a name for itself with its charming décor, its delightful breakfast and pastries, and—most of all—its meticulously prepared sourdough köy ekmeği (village bread): rustic, organic, and wholesome. Ahmet Fetgari Sokak No. 38, Nişantaşı; T: (0212) 234 74 20

Bazlama Kahvaltı

Originating in the coastal town of Çeşme, Bazlama Kahvaltı in Nişantaşı has become one of Istanbul’s best breakfast places where no one ever complains about the queue. The opulence of the fresh, homemade items is well worth the wait. Reservations not accepted. Osman F. Seden Sokak No.8, Teşvikiye, and Ahmet Fetgari Sokak No.40A; T: 0541 229 52 62

Healthy eating

Healin Foods

The menu at Healin aims to please followers of all diets—from paleo to keto to vegan—by helping them keep track of the nutrients in every meal. From weekend organic Turkish breakfast, Asian-style noodles, curry, wraps, to desserts and tea, you will appreciate the creativity and attention to detail. The dishes are not only healthy and delicious, they’re also aesthetically-appealing and will definitely look great on your Instagram stories. Hüsrev Gerede Caddesi No.110, Teşvikiye; T: (0212) 260 08 08; www.healinfoods.com

Healin Food

Doğaya Dönüş

Crowded around noon, Doğaya Dönüş restocks the shelves in the afternoon while getting ready for the dinner service. Featuring healthy, casual eating, it offers some classic choices of Turkish home cooking, such as fasulye, nohut, and pilav, as well as a wide selection of vegetable quiches and its own variations on healthy classics. Open until midnight, the place also has a bar. Ahmet Fetgari Sokak No. 18/A, Teşvikiye T: (0212) 260 17 61

Vi Coffee & Healthy Living

Aromatic coffee and a wide range of eye-catching yet healthy and delicious desserts is what Vi Coffee & Healthy Living is all about. The shop’s vegan raw sweets are better than many of the regular offerings found in Istanbul and will keep you coming back for more. Ahmet Fetgari Sokak No.18/B, Teşvikiye. T: (0212) 247 18 37

Casual dining


Offering a short menu of stuffed steamed buns, BunCo is an ideal place for lunch. The mini-sandwiches here are far from the original Chinese versions and delicious in their own way. There is juicy fried chicken dressed in spicy mayo with pickles, and pulled duck drizzled in sweet, salty hoisin sauce. The sleeper hit, without a doubt, was the falafel bun; crisp chickpea patties smothered in tahini and pickles. Osman F. Seden Sokak No.6/1, Teşvikiye; T: (0212) 236  01 00

400°C Pizza

In its cozy and bright store, 400°C Pizza’s menu is simple and clear. You can choose from over 30 types of classic pizza or make a combination from your personal preferences. It features pork and is also a great place for vegetarian pizza. Av. Süreyya Ağaoğlu Sokak No.13A, Teşvikiye; T: (0212) 511 2109; order online through www.400derece.com

Kase No.16

This compact, charming spot is built around a bowl concept, hence the name, kase, bowl in Turkish. Embellished with large and small colorful bowls, the champagne-colored wall catches your attention as soon as you enter through the glass door. Its menu consists of 12 main bowls featuring options such as salmon, Swedish meatballs, chicken, and shrimp. An ideal lunch hub, as well as a casual dinner spot, the restaurant offers a delivery service within the neighborhood. Fırın Sokak No.16, Teşvikiye; T: (0212) 236 16 66; www.kaseno16.com

Kase No. 16


Unassuming from the outside but spread over two floors inside, Delicatessen is a casual restaurant with a bakery, an open kitchen, and a counter bar, serving options for every hour: freshly baked bread, pastries, salad, sandwiches, burgers, and main courses, as well as an impressive selection of wines. There are also floor-to-ceiling shelves stacked with cheeses, meats, and sauces; all used in the kitchen and available to take home. Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi. No.19, Nişantaşı; T: (0212) 225 06 04


For those who always struggle to decide what to eat; don’t worry, Kırıntı is here for you. Founded in 1981 in Moda, and now boasting four branches across both sides of the city, Kırıntı is a popular gathering spot where everyone’s preferences can satisfied. Burgers, salads, pasta, pizza, steak, Asian style dishes…you can find practically everything on the menu. Abdi İpekçi Caddesi No.28/1, Nişantaşı; T: (0212) 291 26 92; www.kirinti.com.tr

Beymen Brasserie

A few steps away from Kırıntı is Beymen Nişantaşı, the renowned Turkish fashion brand and luxury retail store. Its ground floor brasserie allows you to take a break without stepping out of the building. Enjoy its international cuisine and take a seat in the outdoor area, a perfect perch for people watching. Abdi İpekçi Caddesi No.23/1, Nişantaşı; T: (0212) 373 48 00; www.beymen.com

Turkish cuisine


A place of happy childhood memories for many people in Istanbul, Tatbak is famous for its crispy lahmacun, often regarded as one of the best in Istanbul. If a crispy Turkish pizza fails to fill you up, the restaurant also offers other traditional dishes such as kebabs, pide, and Turkish desserts. Akkavak Sokak No.38/B, Nişantaşı; T: (0212) 246 13 06


Nuran Meyhane

Ran by the mother-and-son duo Nuran and Anil, this place combines home cooking with a traditional meyhane atmosphere. The location has moved from Karaköy to Teşvikiye, but the menu offers as many surprises as ever. Try their biberli peynir basma (peppers stuffed with cheese), shrimp semizotu mücver (purslane fritters), and istavrit (horse mackerel) fried in sour dough. Finally, the simple dessert pekmezli muhallebi (a pudding of grape molasses) is the perfect end. Ferah Sokağı No:8/B, Teşvikiye; T: (0212) 586 82 49; www.nuranmeyhane.com

Saray Muhallebicisi

Saray has been a classic place for traditional Turkish tastes since 1935. Although it specializes in dessertsincluding baklava, profiteroles, and milk puddingsit also serves savory soups, kebabs, rice dishes, and more. Teşvikiye Caddesi No.19B; T: (0212) 999 28 28; or find other branches around the city on www.saraymuhallebicisi.com

Coffee break

Petra Roasting Co.

Having expanded to four branches around the European side of Istanbul, Petra Roasting Co.’s spot in Topağacı is small but just big enough for you to get quality coffee during a quick break, slurped down with a croissant or granola bar. Don’t forget their signature cold brew and iced coffees. Prof. Dr. Orhan Ersek Sk. No.18, Teşvikiye. Visit www.petracoffee.com for their other branches.



Kronotrop could easily be called the ultimate “third wave Turkish coffee,” equally ideal for those who are normally fans of  the traditional bitterness of the average brew, and those who aren’t. Its latest branch is located just across from Petra coffee, providing an alternative to sit down, rest, and enjoy high-quality coffee. Follow @kronotrop on Instagram for up-to-date information. Teşvikiye, Prf. Dr. Orhan Ersek Sokak No.49, Teşvikiye

Gravite Coffee Bar

Besides offering some of the best coffee in the neighborhood, Gravite Coffee Bar also has a full-time kitchen, serving delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the morning, try one of their takes on traditional eggs benedict, or french toast if you like to start the day with something sweet. Prof. Dr. Müfide Küley Sokak No.45, Nişantaşı; T: (0212) 234 02 36

Gravite Coffee Bar

Evening drinks


It’s not easy to find a rooftop terrace with a Bosphorus view in Nişantaşı, but Glens satisfies the need. The menu is predominantly Italian, serving casual lunch and then fine dining in the evening. To continue the good vibes, stay for the late night; enjoy cocktails created by Istanbul’s mixology legend Cevat Yıldırım, and Dj performances until 4am. Follow @glensistanbul and @glensroof on Instagram for more information. Nish Palas Istanbul by Hyatt, Abdi İpekçi Caddesi No.12, Nişantaşı;T: (0212) 803 77 77

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Another choice is Wolfgang Puck’s Spago Istanbul, overlooking Maçka Park and the Bosphorus from the roof of the St. Regis Istanbul hotel. Diners can be assured of nothing less than fantastic dishes and impeccable service. The St. Regis Istanbul, Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi No. 35, Nişantaşı; T: (0212) 368 00 00; www.stregis.com/istanbul

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MUST Nişantaşı

The sign out front reading “There MUST be some cool people here” pretty much sums up the vibe at Must Nişantaşı. With its international menu of all-day fine dining, a trendy crowd, and its upmarket décor, MUST is done up like a slick Manhattan lounge with a predilection for French extravagance, lending itself to multiple drinks, late evenings, and live music. Grab a signature cocktail and pair it with pizza or a plate of salmon gravlax, perfectly stylish. Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi No. 11/A, Harbiye; T: (0212) 296 92 86

Socrates Bistro

Pairing the kind of food you might find at a sports bar with an elevated cocktail concept, Socrates Bistro brings two worlds together and has become a popular neighborhood hangout. Start the evening sipping a powerful Aqua Vitae (a mingling of infused whiskey, elderflower, and barrel-aged bitters) or a pretty Meine (made of prosecco, aperol, and pink fruits). Fuel the night with a delicious artichoke and spinach gratin (served with tortilla chips) or a homemade currywurst with slim, crispy fries. Fırın Sokak 6, Teşvikiye; T: (0212) 900 26 33

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Socrates Bistro

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