Find your sweet spot: top 7 desserts in Moda
Moda, the beloved neighborhood of Kadıköy, is not only packed with hip cafes, bars, and boutiques, but also full of shops specializing in different desserts. Here are some places where you can satisfy your sweet tooth from morning to late evening.

Kup Griye is the signature dessert of Baylan, one of Istanbul’s oldest patisseries. It is a potpourri of ice cream, caramel sauce, pistachios, hazelnuts, and crunchy bits of toffee.

Recently, the trendiest way to eat lokma—a traditional Turkish fried dough dessert—is to replace the syrup with chocolate sauce and add a spoon of ice cream on the side. Try it at Lokmata.

A Berliner, or jelly doughnut, is fried dough stuffed with jam or custard and topped with powdered sugar. Find this German pastry at Berlinerci Moda. Gurmania also has a wide selection of German, Swiss, and Austrian pasties.

If you like the texture of San Sebastian cheesecake, you may want to try soufflé, a French, egg based dish that is crunchy on the outside, yet molten and fluffy on the inside. Try different flavors of hot, freshly made soufflé at Suflör Kadıköy.

Different cultures have different fried dough desserts. The churro, a deep fried strip of dough dipped in thick, melted chocolate is the Spanish version. Try the classic, as well as other innovative flavors at The Churroll.

Among all the chocolate shops in Moda, Asuman is probably the most popular. There is always a queue in front of the door, waiting to try the chocolate jars, waffles, profiterole, and cakes. Its sister store, Çikolata Dükkanı, offers a different menu.

With a slightly different concept from its Karaköy branch, Dem Moda’s menu features good looking and delicious tea flavored cheesecakes that pair well with a pot of fragrant hot tea.

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