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Each time I began a journey to discover an old and vibrant city, I would always get the distinct feeling of being about to enter a new realm. A realm offering me something I was not a part of. The idea of simultaneously experiencing the past and the present always makes me euphoric. A city with a history dating back to thousands of years, with millions of inhabitants still roaming its streets. No matter how you look at it, that is worth experiencing.

A look at Istanbul

Istanbul… One of the largest and oldest cities in the world. Two continents, different cultures, religions, cuisines… many other elements, similar to the ones I mentioned above, make this city complex. Before coming to Istanbul, I would have easily said that Istanbul is a city that plays hard to get. As soon as I got to Istanbul, however, the city helped me a lot and showed me how not to be shy with it. You all may know what being a new guest feels like. Well, this city took me by the hand, gave me the courage to walk along its streets, touch its buildings, look in the eyes of people from all over the world. One step forward and it all gets closer. It had not been even a day yet, but it already felt like I had known this city for a decade. Sometimes I enjoy walking around with my headphones but I left them in my room this time in order to hear every sound and noise this city made.

On the road, on the street

Before coming to Istanbul, I made my search and noticed that Istanbul had Big Bus Tour service. So, I bought my ticket by the internet. As I came Istanbul, got on the bus from Sultanahmet. By the time I arrived in Taksim, I got off from the double decker bus of Big Bus Istanbul and just followed the crowds and scents all around me. Walking always makes me feel hungry, so I ordered a delicious gyro wrap from a cozy and lovely place, after which I had a coffee from a coffee shop near Galata Tower. I walked all the way down until I got to Dolmabahçe and hopped on the bus again. If you are short on time, Big Bus Tour is a life saver. Yes, it is.

Reasons why I chose a bus tour

To be perfectly honest, this was my first time using a tour bus. I used to take the subway, tram, bus and so on. Before taking this tour, I thought about it a lot. But when it comes right down to it, Istanbul is not a city to miss out on, as it can sometimes happen with public transportation. You should not feel like you do when you commute, always in a rush. The best thing about this tour was its walking distance stops, where you can hop on and off the bus as you wish. In case I get tired of walking, the idea of a double decker tour bus coming to the stop, which is walking distance from anywhere in the city center, made me feel relaxed. I could get off at Golden Horn and head for Pierre Loti then come back to the stop to get to another spot and so on and so forth. There was nothing to complain about transportation-wise and so I spent all of my efforts enjoying the city.

Living life fully

Discovering is my middle name. Even in a short time, I am really good at finding the best way to see all there is around me. Next time, I will tell you of another expedition I made in another beautiful city, that of Sidi Bou Said in my homeland of Tunisia.

Experiencing, learning new things and sharing them. For me, this is the best way to live. As Eric Hoffer, whom I recently got the chance to read, said: “an intense life is the closest thing to a meaningful life.” I could not agree more.

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