Beetroot: the red jewel of winter vegetable
Beetroot, pancar in Turkish, is a unique root vegetable to try in winter. Add it to your dinner plate tonight!

At this time of year, the sun-reliant vegetables of summer seem almost whimsical and underdressed. Now is the time for the hardy winter vegetable to shine. Out step the root vegetables (carrots, celeriac, Jerusalem artichoke), out too come the brassicas (cabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprout, broccoli), the leeks, and the squash. A little cold weather is no match for this gang, and they defiantly make their way onto our plates even as the snow begins to fall. One of the most beautiful jewels in the winter vegetable crown has to be the beta vulgaris, the beetroot, the pancar, the beet.

At the open markets at this time of year, they gleam burgundy, deftly sliced open by the vendors to show off the striped rings inside. Look out for the smaller ones that pack the biggest flavors. Or try roasting them to bring out the earthy, rich sweetness, and pair with some tangy goat cheese for a winning combo in a warm salad. And don’t waste those leaves! Cook them like you would chard – braise them in olive oil or use them in a tart.

Alternatively, look out for the following beetroot-centric dishes at Yeni Lokanta: olive oil braised beetroot with dried sour cherries and sumac molasses. Kumbaracı Yokuşu No.66, Tünel; T: 0212 292 25 50

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