Aromatherapy yoga: unwinding body and soul
After the relaxing holiday season, aromatherapy yoga promotes well-being, helping Istanbulites keep a clear mind and good mood while returning to the fast pace of city life.

Yoga and aromatherapy are ancient practices that have stood the test of time, improving both physical and mental well-being. Although essential oils or regular yoga may be a part of your weekly routine, an exciting fusion of the two is now available for personal self-care, resulting in heightened mind, body, and spirit.

AromaYogaTerapi in Moda, a lovely studio where friends İdil Ertürkler and Ece Ok share their passion and knowledge of aromatherapy yoga, offers workshops blending customizable aromatic oils and yoga.

At the bright studio, the essential oil section of the workshop begins under the guidance of Ertürkler. Growing up in a family with traditional medicine ancestry, Ertürkler has been interested in herbs and natural care since her childhood. Not only a YouTuber, she is also an instructor who holds aromatherapy certification from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

İdil Ertürkler

As Ertürkler explains the dilution process, a foundation of base oil and a few drops of essential oil are carefully mixed in small bottles. Eucalyptus and lavender oil are used for relaxation and the soothing scent lingers throughout the workshop.

The bottle of aromatic oil is an essential component of yoga practice. After placing a few drops of oil on the skin, a fragrant embrace engulfs the room, easily hastening serenity and maximizing relaxation.

“Smell is actually the most powerful sense,” said Ertürkler. “It is closely linked to our memory and can trigger specific, vivid memories, and emotions.” This led to one of the benefits of AromaYogaTerapi’s workshop: whenever you smell the aromatic oil you made, the scent will instantly take you back to the unwinding moments experienced during the yoga session.

Learn more

  • Watch – İdil Ertürkler’s YouTube videos of sustainable living natural products. The videos are in Turkish and new content is uploaded weekly.
  • Read – Ebooks on, where the world’s leading essential oils producer doTERRA offers comprehensive resources on how to benefit from their natural qualities.

Be aromatic at home

Due to Turkey’s abundant herbs and plants, and the influence of Ottoman scent culture, there are some local brands that make high quality essential oils and related products for you to take home.

  • Raen is a brand specializing in skincare products made from local herbs.
  • Homemade Aromaterapi has a variety of aromatic products, ranging from body care to air fresheners and scented textiles.
  • Misbahçe offers cleanse, suncare, and repairing items.
  • Taking from its pharmaceutical roots, Atelier Rebul makes naturally scented products that make your home redolent.

Aromatherapy massage in Istanbul

  • Aromassage at SPA Intercontinental at Intercontinental Istanbul hotel uses fragrant oil by luxurious spa brand Charme d’Orient. Choose your favorite scent and let the treatment moisturize your skin and mood. T: 0212 368 44 44
  • At Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center, eforea Spa offers slow tempo and light pressure aromatherapy massage. T: 0212 375 30 00
  • In addition to the organic aromatherapy massage, Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa in Sapanca has a body scrub and stone massage therapy featuring lavender scent. T: 0264 582 21 00