Aqua jog: all-in-one fitness

Photo by Gizem Çalışkan

Though sometimes it may seem like we have little time for neither a proper workout nor for relaxation, aqua jog is a fitness sport that can give you the benefits of both in a single session. “Everyone knows swimming, but many people don’t know you can do all kinds of sports in the water,” said Gizem Çalışkan, the first and only licensed aqua jog instructor in Turkey. After training with a physiotherapist from Switzerland, she obtained a license to teach her own aqua jog classes in Turkey and to train other swimming instructors to do the same. Two years ago, she founded Aqua Jog Club, a platform through which she can teach about the sport and promote knowledge of its benefits to others.

Through her instruction, people can learn how to employ a vertical training technique, instead of a horizontal one used in swimming, to challenge their bodies in new ways. Çalışkan teaches how one can use the resistance of the water, body weight, and a small flotation belt to get a workout that does not require as much machinery as used in the gym. The arm and leg movements she demonstrates focus on sharp form and straight posture, which are components of a workout that are easy to forget about when doing the same treadmill routine.

Aqua jog is a sport that utilizes all muscle groups without the physical intensity of pounding your feet on a machine. Since there is no body contact with the pool floor, no pressure is placed on the joints or muscles. As such, aqua jog is ideal for people who have joint problems or are undergoing physical rehabilitation. You can recover faster and build endurance, which encourages more effective workouts both on land and in water. Çalışkan trains her students according to their fitness goals. Whether you want to shed weight, build muscle, or rehabilitate your body, aqua jog can help you do this in a more effective way than with dry land exercises. It is also an ideal fitness sport for pregnant women, as it strengthens the pelvic and back muscles.

As the maximum number of people per class is five, you enjoy the advantages of aqua jog through personalized lessons. The duration of each class is just one hour, but you can burn up to 800 calories in a single class.

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