7 reasons why Cappadocia is the best weekend escape now
The region is a famous tourist attraction, but as the busy season winds down, there’s even more opportunities to discover new places off the beaten path. Plus, the sweeping natural landscapes, interesting cuisine, and incredible quiet is sure to help you decompress, far from the buzz of city life.

It will recharge your batteriesquite literally. Neither the cave rooms (due to the solid rock they’re carved out of), nor most of the picturesque valleys have cellphone reception. If you need to be alone in the quiet with your own thoughts, this is definitely one way to do it.

It will help you appreciate the little things: sunrises and sunsets; the sounds of nature; and the blissful quiet.

It has temperatures ideal for the great outdoors, and there are still at least two months before the first snow is expected. Even if you’re not an enthusiastic hiker, short morning walks around Uçhisar or a cup of coffee on a sunny terrace will turn your daily routine around.

You will finally discover real treasures hidden among the local handcrafts. The stores this time of year are not overcrowded and sellers have the time to engage in meaningful conversation rather than trying to upsell to anyone who passes by. While shopping at Sultan Carpets, ask for the meaning of the woven symbols. While at Avanos, try to make a piece of pottery by yourself—it will make you appreciate the artistry even more more!

You will become that morning person you always wanted to be, because the balloons are so worth it! Even if boarding one seems against your nature, admiring them from the ground is a truly unique and breathtaking experience—especially in the autumnal light.

Local wine prices. No place in Istanbul can beat Cappadocia’s prices, so make sure to leave room in your luggage to bring a bottle or two back home and stock up for winter.

Your Instagram posts will make all your followers jealous. There are no bad photos to be taken in Cappadocia, and they are even bettwe without the crowds of high season.

Weekend escape itinerary

Go by car

Drive to Ihlara Vadisi and take a hike along the valleyideal if you have seen all the major sites already. Ihlara’s secluded paths and churches seem to remain off-the-beaten-track, no matter what time of year. 

On the way back, pass by Güzelyurt for a glass of amphorae wine (grapes fermented in large clay jars) and aged goat cheese at Taş Mahal. You’ll find a truly exclusive gourmet experience.

Visit without a vehicle

Stay in Uçhisar, where everything you need is within walking distance, or pick a place connected to the major attractions via the network of local minibuses. You don’t need advanced language skills to get around: the name of the village, the word “dolmuş” (minibus), and body language are more than enough.

Ask your hotel for ballon ride reservations, or book with Royal Balloonthey will pick you up and drop you off wherever you may be staying.

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