Anayurt Oteli
Books & Film Turkish classic Motherland Hotel returns in translation and film

Although Turkish literature is still far from well-represented in the Anglophone world, the past few years have seen an increasing trickle of translations: leaving Orhan Pamuk aside, we have Hasan Ali Toptaş’s Reckless and the upcoming Shadowless , Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s The Time Regulation...

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Must, Nişantaşı
Food & Drink Must

The sign out front reading “There MUST be some cool people here” pretty much sums up the vibe at Must Nişantaşı. Done up like a slick Manhattan lounge with a predilection for French extravagance, this drinking and dining spot is designed with you and your well-coiffed friends in mind. The investors...

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Food & Drink Mittag

The city’s gentrifying neighborhood of Reşitpaşa is slowly evolving, and Mittag is one of the coolest restaurants to emerge so far. After working at one of Istanbul’s most highly-lauded restaurants, Mikla, MSA-alumni Fatma Yıldırım decided to open up her own place and that’s how Mittag arrived on...

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Vagia Cafe, Patmos - photo by Cem Apa
Travel Patmos: Aegean blues, taverns, and long walks

If your idea of vacation is to dance until the wee hours of the morning, you can cross Patmos off your vacation destination list. If you dream of swimming in picturesque bays with pristine clear waters, eating at simple tavernas, taking long walks, and meeting wonderful locals, Patmos Island is the...

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Çamlıhemşin, Rize, photo by Dilara Apa
Travel Çamlıhemşin: finding peace in nature

The vast, tranquil waters of the Black Sea and a land covered in dense verdant forest of the region hug each other at Turkey’s northern district of Rize and offer a wealth of untouched treasures. The region is filled with inspiring vistas, such as Çamlıhemşin, hidden amongst the green. Set in...

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8 Fingers, Buddha Bowl Breakfast
Food & Drink 8 Fingers Coffee & Street Food Bar

One of the joys of wandering through Beyoğlu is the wealth of little shops and cafes tucked into unexpected corners. Located just opposite an Ottoman fountain on Kazancı Yokuşu, the bite-sized 8 Fingers Coffee & Street Food Bar is one of these discoveries. As the name suggests, this venue is...

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Kase No. 16, Teşvikiye - photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink Kase No. 16

Teşvikiye is home to a slew of hip restaurants and Kase No. 16 is no exception. This compact, charming spot is built around a bowl concept (hence the name, kase ). Embellished with large and small, colorful bowls, the champagne colored wall catches your attention as soon as you enter from the glass...

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Talk of the table Top 7 reasons to dine at Neolokal

Every year The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy releases a list of excellent eateries around the world. The academy included Mehmet Gürs’ Mikla in the list’s extended version, and now they have included a second Turkish restaurant for another list: Neolokal, in this month’s edition of the...

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Eataly home catering
Talk of the table How to throw a dinner party at home without cooking

There are special occasions at home, and there are special occasions that need extra pomp and circumstance. If one desires some extra culinary zazz (or if you’d like to stay out of the kitchen), it’s worthwhile giving Eataly a call. The expert chefs there know how to throw a good party, and are...

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Tamirane, Maslak - photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink Tamirane

Set inside the grounds of UNIQ Istanbul, Tamirane is a familiar name for Istanbulites from its previous location at Santral Istanbul. The name of the restaurant translates as repair shop and relevantly the venue aims to restore its customers with good food and music. Whether you’re at UNIQ for an...

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Socrates Bistro, Teşvikiye - photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink Socrates Bistro

Melding food you might find at a sports bar with an elevated cocktail concept, Socrates Bistro brings together two worlds and gives them both heft. Start the evening sipping an powerful Aqua Vitae, a mingling of infused whiskey, elderflower and barrel-aged bitters, or a pretty Meine, made of...

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Courtesy of NikeWomen video
Lifestyle 10 women who make a difference in Turkish society

Istanbul’s history abounds with important women who shaped society around them, and there are women in this country today who continue to take up their mantle. As it is International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight their accomplishments and contribution to the wellbeing of our community. Here...

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Konya, photo by Merve Göral
Travel Konya: exploring the mysticism of Mevlana

The history of Konya, an Anatolian settlement known in the ancient times as Iconium, goes back more than a millennium. Visiting today, one might wonder if anything happened here before Mevlana, the Sufi poet, theologian and mystic more commonly known around the world as Rumi. One of the largest...

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Dehli Darbar
Food & Drink Delhi Darbar

Indian cuisine varies significantly from province to province and yet restaurants tend to lump it into a “greatest hits” hodge podge. Not so at Delhi Darbar. The kitchen here is full of cooks intent on recreating their native Punjabi cuisine. This rich culinary region straddles northern India and...

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Food & Drink Istanbul's beautiful tea gardens welcome the spring

The country gave its name to Turkish coffee, but don’t be surprised to see more people sipping tea. Turkey has the highest tea consumption in the world, at an average of 6.96 pounds per person every year – while the famously tea-loving British drink only a measly 4.28 pounds. So it’s clear that the...

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Long Bar, Raffles Istanbul - photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink Long Bar

Offering the exact atmosphere needed for a night of fun with friends, Long Bar gets its name from the iconic bar of Raffles Hotel in Singapore, where once Hemingway and Hitchcock stayed. The sleek interiors of the spacious bar create a modern, luxurious setting. Sit in the armchairs in front of the...

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BunCo, Teşvikiye
Food & Drink BunCo

SushiCo group has opened a spot in Teşvikiye called BunCo, offering a short menu of stuffed steamed buns. Originally a tradition found in Chinese cuisine, they are now officially a global mini-sandwich trend - and what diners find at Bunco are far from the original Asian iteration. However, they’ll...

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Thrace Wine Route
Travel What makes Thrace so grape

The story behind grape cultivation in Thrace is the story of the people behind it. Legendary for its quality of grapevines since ancient times, the region is blessed with a prime environment and known as the birthplace of the Old World’s greatest winemakers. Here, we discover the contemporary...

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Kiss the Frog, Rumelihisarı - photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink Kiss the Frog

In Istanbul, if a restaurant can make it through an entire season of operations, chances are it’s here to stay. We believe this is the case with Rumeli Hisarı’s Kiss the Frog. After a dose of initial scepticism following its opening more than a year ago, we decided to give it a try when it could no...

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Midnight Return poster
Books & Film The Billy Hayes story: from Midnight Express to Midnight Return

A stroke of bad luck turns life along a radically different path, leading to years of imprisonment in a foreign land, teaching the hero courage and endurance, and ending in a bold escape whose story brings fame and fortune… it sounds too dramatic to be true. And yet these are the facts of life for...

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Best Online Fashion Stores In Turkey
Shopping Best online fashion stores in Turkey

Istanbul is a shopping paradise, no doubt about that. From the hip boutiques in Galata to the prestigious up-market malls like İstinyePark and Zorlu Center the city offers a myriad of temptations to loose your head and your savings over. But let’s face it, sometimes it is so much more satisfying to...

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Thrace Vineyards
Food & Drink What you should know about Thrace grapes

Thrace grapes for beginners Karasakız and kınalı yapıncak are the two local grapes in Suvla’s repertoire. The first one lends itself to delicate red and rosé varieties, which have become the company’s signatures. The latter is a white grape with reddish freckles. The name became famous after iconic...

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Culture & history Hilye-i Şerif and Prayer Beads Museum

The Hilye-i Şerif ve Tesbih Müzesi (Hilye-i Şerif and Prayer Beads Museum) is located in a restored 16th-century religious school close to Süleymaniye Mosque. The word tespih comes from an Arabic word for "praise," and the these beads are used for reciting specific prayers after the usual prayers...

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Pattis, Kadıköy
Food & Drink Pattis

Not everyone is an early riser, but most people want a decent breakfast for their first meal of the day – and some could do breakfast any time of day. Pattis welcomes all with its rich menu. A hashtag explains it all, #breakfasteverymeal. The spot is far from the crowds, yet quite centrally located...

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