Point Hotel Taksim

  • Phone Number: (0212) 313 50 00-30
  • Address: Topçu Caddesi No. 2
  • District: Taksim
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  • Web: www.pointhotel.com
  • Category: Hotels

Located in Taksim, the center of the modern city, the Point Hotel Taksim offers both style and convenience. All rooms have been designed to create a home-office environment and include LCD TV, CD & DVD player, interactive TV and wireless internet connection. For your business needs, the hotel has six state of the art meeting rooms which can accommodate up to 300 people.


Point Hotel Spa & Wellness is the ideal place to relax after a long and stressful day, offering eastern massages, aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, yoga and over ninety other personal applications. Located on the terrace, ViewPoint restaurant offers all day dining and has a view of the Bosphorus. The hotel is also home to Udonya restaurant, one of the best and most authentic Japanese restaurants in the city.


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