Bambi Cafe

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Hours :
Monday-Sunday, 7:00am-5:00am

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Not Served

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Not Required



Fast Food & Take Away
After Hours Dining

Quick Bite
Outdoor Seating
Late Night

Bambi Cafe operates a number of popular büfe across Istanbul and this branch, in the center of the hustle and bustle of Taksim was the first to open its doors in 1974. A 'büfe' a is fast food joint in Turkey that serves up a selection of comfort foods (most commonly to late night crowds) and Bambi is a classic example. Here there is a small, modern and brightly lit dining space offered to customers who want to sit down to enjoy their snack. More often, the food is served to take-away as people head out to the bars and nightlife of Beyoglu, or home after a night out.


The menu offers a wide range of the classics including sandwiches, döner (slices of meat cut from a vertical spit and laid into a sandwich) and köfte (Turkish meatballs). They also do a great kaşarlı dürüm with köfte, (a grilled wrap with cheese and Turkish meatballs), whilst one of the more famous grabs here is the delicious the ıslak hamburger (wet burger) which is the end-of-the-night quick snack of choice and always seems more tempting after a couple of drinks. Bambi Cafe is a longstanding favorite among the city's 'büfe' diners and is perfectly located to satisfy any late night hunger cravings on your way home from a night out around Taksim.


Recommended Dishes:

Islak Hamburger (Wet Burger)

Kaşarlı Dürüm

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