Kolaylar Manav (Kolaylar Greengrocer's)

  • Phone Number: (0212) 257 57 05
  • Address: 1. Cadde No.53A
  • District: Arnavutköy
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  • Web: www.kolaylar.com
  • Category: Shopping
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Hours :
Open 24 hours

Special Services:
Home Delivery

Food and Beverages

Food Shopping: Fruits & Veggies

Kolaylar Manav is not just any grocery store. It is located in the Arnavutköy district of Istanbul, not the trendy and quaint neighborhood along the Bohsphoru. The team at Kolaylar Manav is composed of agricultural and food engineers who work together with producers throughout the country. The team oversees every step of production from planting and harvesting to transport and packaging to ensure standards are met.


Kolaylar offers fresh and organic produce, some coming from more tropical regions, you can also asked for your goods to be shredded or vacuum sealed. If you cannot make it out to Arnavutköy, Kolaylar Manav offers a delivery service.

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