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Susam, in the upmarket and fashionable Bebek neighborhood of Istanbul, is the go-to place for a variety of options any time of the day or night. This small büfe is open 24/7 with limited seating inside and continuing out onto the street. It has become a favorite of the upscale residents of the area, especially when faced with a late-night salad craving. They offer a delivery service and the prices are more modest than many eateries in the this part of town.


On the menu are freshly prepared salads, sandwiches, toasts (with kaşar cheese, feta cheese or sucuk (dried and spiced beef sausage)) homemade burgers and tavuk çöp şiş dürüm (grilled chicken pieces in a flat-bread wrap). The salad bar ingredients are always fresh and there is the option to build your own salad or sandwich filling for any tastes that can't be satisfied from the menu. They have a special yellow and red sauce for the salad or you can go for the classic olive oil, lemon juice or pomegranate molasses. The Yengen Tost with sucuk, kaşar cheese and tomato sauce, or the Goralı (American salatası (vegetables and pickles with mayonnaise) with sausage, pickles and mustard) are very good and for something to drink, freshly pressed fruit juices can also be mixed to order. The Leyla tost, served hot with melting Nutella and bananas is an excellent dessert option or an after hours sweet treat.


Whether it's a hearty burger or a quick toasted sandwich you are after, Susam has something for everyone, available whenever you want it, around the clock. It is a very simple and casual büfe and with it's close proximity to Lucca in Bebek, you can enjoy people watching while you enjoy your lite bite.


Recommended Dishes: 

Tost (with any filling you choose)

Yengen Tost (sucuk, kaşar cheese and tomato sauce)

Goralı (American salatası (vegetables and pickles with mayonnaise) with sausage, pickles and mustard)

Dürüm with your choice of fillings. 

Salad with greens, tomato, corn, grilled chicken pieces, olive oil paste, yellow sauce and lemon juice. 

Leyla Tost 

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