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This boutique yoga studio hidden away in the green slopes of Zekeriyaköy offers yoga and pilates classes as well as bodywork, meditation ... Read more »


Koza World of Sports

Koza World of Sports in Esenyurt is a large complex, capable of holding up to 9,500 people. The clubhouse includes a restaurant, fitness center, ... Read more »


Nişantaşı Sanat Park

Nişantaşı Sanat Park, also known as Kedi Parkı (Park of Cats) for its many feline residents, is a welcome piece of green in downtown Nişantaşı. ... Read more »


Antrum CrossFit

This certified gym is supported by official CrossFit sponsor Reebok, and it is truly a professional operation, a fact proven by the number of ... Read more »


Cage 404 star

Following in the trend of real life room escape games, Cage 404 has opened up in Istanbul, posing a prison break scenario for teams of up to five ... Read more »


Vakko Buz Paten Pisti / Vakko Ice Skating Rink

For the festive excitement of all this holiday season, Vakko will be hosting an ice skating rink in the garden of its Suadiye store.  Read more »


Jatomi Fitness & Spa

A 4000sqm area includes a group exercise studio, spinning studio, free weight area, as well as an indoor and an outdoor pool, a sun deck, ... Read more »


V3 Fitness

Offers kickboxing, zumba, yoga, crossfit lab, crossfit wod, spinning, muay thai, tabata, and bootcamp for an exercise program that is both rigorous ... Read more »



Offering a unique fitness option, Upaqua features a special Spa Bike and pool gymnastics that use water resistance to tone muscles and get rid of ... Read more »


Karamandere Saklıgöl

Saklıgöl is a lake that offers a chance to escape the city, and to experience some nature – a good destination for a daytrip from ... Read more »