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Juice Kitchen

Juice is juice, but some juices are better than others. As Istanbul fills itself with cold-pressed juice stores, we've begun to notice which ones ... Read more »

1. Levent


Blended serves earthy goodness in a bottle - a far cry from your usual pressed juice, each of their mixtures is a careful blend of fruit, greens, ... Read more »


Deal Coffee

A small café in Beşiktaş, Deal Coffee serves a range of beans and styles - take your pick from Ethiopia to Kenya, Chemex to Aeropress to a ... Read more »


At Origin Coffee

At Origin Coffee is true to its slogan: coffee how it's meant to be. All the beans are single-origin selected from countries in East Africa and the ... Read more »


Tost Bildiklerim

Tost Bildiklerim is a small cafe in Teşvikiye that elevates the humble toasted cheese sandwich - or  tost  - from a greasy snack to a ... Read more »


Lezzet Co. Döner

Döner is an Istanbul street-food staple. There are certain places, though, that know that a really good döner takes extra effort and a ... Read more »


Level Up

Level Up is a small booth tucked in between all the lunch restaurants and designer showrooms of Teşvikiye. It serves thick and tasty smoothies that ... Read more »


Tonton Efendi

Tonton Efendi is a small restaurant in Kadıköy, specializing in traditional vegan and vegetarian food, including falafel. Situated on ... Read more »


Ek Biç Ye İç

Plant, harvest, eat, drink ­ those words summarize (and directly translate) the name of a space that has opened this summer in Taksim. Ek ... Read more »


Norm Coffee

The owners of Norm Coffee aims to serve coffee from good quality coffee beans and serve it with good food. The owners are part of the "Speciality ... Read more »