Bodrum: The Pleasant Path to Nirvana

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Widely regarded as one of the top yoga instructors in Turkey, Saash Behnam Kheirolomor, known simply as Saash to his students, has now moved from Istanbul to Bodrum. Having studied and trained in India for eight years, he moved to Turkey in 2008 where he has taught at various healthcare, spa, sport, and yoga centers. Since June 25, Saash has been teaching at The Life Co once a week.


He is also organizing a 3-day Yoga and Homeopathy Camp at Kabak Vadisi in Fethiye between 21-24 July. The camp will feature two daily Ashtanga Yoga classes (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and a daily 2-hour homeopathy seminar by Hande Özçıkrıkçı. Held at Helin Kamp, the daily price is 150 TL per person, including breakfast, dinner, accommodation, and daily classes and seminars. If you’d like to get away from the city and indulge in some serious yoga, book your place ASAP by contacting [email protected] or 05369211106. For more information on Saash and Hande, check out

Say goodbye to pain and suffering, and hello to tranquility and inner peace. These are the goals of yoga and meditation. With yoga holidays, you can embark on a spiritual journey to this desired state of being while relaxing on a beach, sipping a frozen cocktail, and enjoying your choice of summer reads. But if your personal idea of nirvana is not calmness and joy but looking slim and fit, Bodrum also offers a variety of destinations where you can detox, be pampered, lose weight, and learn the rules for leading a healthy lifestyle. 


Find Inner Peace

The yogi couple Pervin and Michael Cullingworth host yoga holidays at their cozy home in Gölköy, Bodrum. At this earthy location, all you hear are the noises of nature: chirping birds, leaves brushing against the wind, and the occasional bark of the resident dog. Here, time stands still, allowing you to calm your mind, forget your to-do list, and concentrate on the stillness of your being.


The simple, hippie-style hilltop oasis, which was quite deserted when I visited, is revitalized during the yoga holiday season, which begins in May and lasts through October with a break in July and August when the weather gets too hot for people to be able to practice on the outdoor yoga deck. In addition to the couple, international instructors come to the Cullingworths’ home to teach a variety of yoga styles, from Dharma and Hatha to Vinyasa and Okido.


Having met while studying art in the UK, Pervin and Michael moved to Bodrum ten years ago and began hosting yoga holidays. Pervin’s first yoga camp experience was in Holland, and she describes it as being quite intensive and difficult. Although she says that the experience proved challenging both physically and mentally, Pervin still gets animated when she talks about the surge of energy that she felt after finishing the camp. This increased energy and liveliness made a considerable impression on her, later inspiring her to start hosting yoga holidays of her own, albeit much milder ones than the camp she attended.


At the Cullingworth residence, the participants attend yoga sessions twice a day (a more intensive one in the morning and a more relaxed one in the afternoon), leaving the day for the participants to enjoy as they please. However, it should be noted that this hilltop oasis does not offer accommodation; yoga holidaymakers can sleep in any of four nearby hotels.


If you want to go back to basics and find your balance in simple, ascetic surroundings, this is just the right escape for you. For more details, visit


Take Your Body in for Maintenance

The Life Co is a detox, well-being, and healthy lifestyle center that offers a new way of life for those looking for a more energetic, healthier, and slimmer self. The detox program is primarily designed for those looking for emotional, physical, and mental purification, although weight loss is a side effect of the program. The Life Co’s program coordinator Mirey Yuhay is a living testament to what The Life Co offers, emanating a calm and peaceful energy as I talk to her. She explains the purpose of detoxing with a great metaphor: just like you need to take your car in for maintenance every once in a while to make sure it works properly, you need to do the same for your body by detoxing.


Featuring a pool, lots of green areas, a white-dominated indoor area with minimal décor, and simply designed rooms, The Life Co complex offers an alternative holiday destination for those looking to renew themselves physically and spiritually. The detox programs at The Life Co range in length, depending on the needs of the individual, and involve a special diet of just shakes and a mix of herbs, cleansing of the colon, yoga, meditation, therapeutic massages (Balinese, Thai, Aromatherapy, or Chi Nei Tsang), and skincare (through hamam, steam bath, and sauna). Yuhay explains that ridding your body of toxins with the special nutritional programs also releases built-up negative energies and emotional toxins. Thus, the daily yoga classes (hatha yoga and pranayama or breathing exercises) help you reach an emotional balance.


The Life Co’s mission with the detox programs is to offer preventive therapies that allow the body to reach its optimum vitality. But weight-loss programs with a detox twist are also on offer, such as the “Green Salad Detox” program or the 14-day individually tailored weight-loss program. If you want it all and you have the time, you can choose the 21-day “Life Change” program, which is made of three different 7-day programs.


The Life Co complex is designed with the holidaymaker in mind, offering plenty of options for relaxation and activities in and around the complex. During your stay, you can jump on the trampoline, read topical books from the library, swim in the pool, watch films, walk or hike in the nearby hills, or go to the nearby beach. When you leave this “refuge”, you will have learned healthier habits that you can apply to your daily life and rid yourself of physical and emotional blockage.


If you want your life energy to flow freely again, detox your body, mind, and soul at The Life Co. For more information, visit


Pamper Yourself

A luxury lifestyle rejuvenation center, Palmalife Center offers detox programs, spa treatments, and weight management programs. The famous Prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu has developed the concept of the Yaşasın Hayat! Enstitüsü, which offers consultations with experienced nutritionists and personal training sessions with talented instructors. The name of the center means Long Live Life Institute, which summarizes its aim: providing tools to help people lead high-quality and healthy lives.


The weight-loss programs at Palmalife are designed for the individual and are called “biometric diets”, which are created based on each individual’s specific biological differences, such as their metabolism rate. The detox and nutritional programs teach you how to reach your ideal weight and maintain it in the long run, speed up your metabolism, and rid yourself of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices, while the spa treatments rejuvenate your skin and tone your body.


Past the orange-cinnamon-scented candles that adorn both sides of the hallways, the elegant spa features a traditional hamam (Turkish Bath), massage rooms, consultation rooms, an indoor pool, and treatment rooms. Purple, white, and gray tones dominate the interior of the spa, along with aromatic candles and soothing stones. Weekly yoga, pilates, and kinesis classes are also on offer. Bodrum’s local yogi, Melek Mjaanes, teaches yoga and meditation at the yoga deck overlooking the tranquil waters of the Aegean coast.


The crisply clean hotel features simple, chic rooms, minimally decorated in white and beige tones and dashes of color that add liveliness. Although the rooms are not huge, they feel quite spacious due to the decoration. To jumpstart your New Year’s resolutions, even ones that have possibly been postponed for five years or more, spend some time at the luxurious boot camp that is Palmalife.


Be Treated Like Royalty

Spread over a huge area on the Bodrum seaside, Gardens of Babylon’s motto is “all we have is deluxe,” and they definitely live up to this standard. Every aspect, every corner, and every service within the hotel is designed so that visitors can just relax, forget about their routines, and not have to lift a finger—unless, that is, they are here for the healthy lifestyle program. The hotel’s High Health Center, managed by Dr. Ender Saraç, is open year round, offering personalized programs for a healthy lifestyle. The center offers nutrition consultancy and weight-loss programs as well as skincare, cellulite and wrinkle treatments, and much more. Muu Spa & Wellness Center combines the healing techniques of the East with the technology of the West, offering top-notch beauty treatments, such as aromatherapy, skin and body care, face masks, deep tissue massage, anti-stress massage, and ayurveda massage.


If you want to be pampered like royalty while getting in shape and getting a tan, then Gardens of Babylon is the ideal luxury hotel for you.


The Ultimate Luxurious Treatments

The Kempinki Hotel Barbaros Bay’s Spa & Wellness Center, the Six Senses Spa, offers a bit of everything, from yoga and pilates to detox and spa treatments, all in an idyllic setting. Here you can purify your mind and revitalize your body with detox programs that combine cleansing nutritional programs, an individually tailored exercise program, yoga, and meditation. Apart from the detox program, the wellness activities at Kempinski include pilates, Nordic walking, a watsu pool, and fitness training to help you find physical and mental harmony while enjoying breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.


You can get pampered at the spa with body and facial treatments and massages or indulge in a luxurious hamam (Turkish bath) experience in the most tasteful surroundings. If you’re looking to de-stress, try finding your inner calm and balance with one of their special treatments, such as the Thai Herbal Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Shiatsu Massage, or Foot Acupressure.


To achieve inner balance and physical perfection amid a luxurious and elegant setting, book your holiday at the grand Kempinski Hotel. For more details, go to

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