MiniMüzikhol Has Reincarnated

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The underground music scene is alive again as the legendary alternative music venue MiniMüzikhol returns.


Cihangir’s hotspot MiniMüzikhol became a legend in Istanbul’s nightlife scene in the blink of an eye, attracting the hippest, artiest, and coolest to its cave of fun. After a successful year of booty-shaking, MiniMüzikhol closed its doors in January due to an unfortunate and horrible event. After the venue’s official closing time, a woman was kept on the premises against her will, attacked, and brutally beaten by the landowner. The owners of MiniMüzikhol were shocked, repulsed, and immediately shut down the place, announcing that MiniMüzikhol would not re-open again.


For two months, the cool, the hip, and the arty were sad, deplored, and bored. Finally, the owners gave in to the persistence of MiniMüzikhol’s loyal fans and re-opened the venue in the same location (having taken all property rights and ending all relations with those involved in the above-mentioned incident).


After reincarnating a few weeks ago with a special weekend hosted by DJ Fuchs Efendi, Analog Astral Bülent Bey, Mr. Pink, and Mr. Fattish, the streets of Cihangir have been filling up with hipsters waddling to MiniMüzikhol. Long live alternative music! Long live MiniMüzikhol!

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