Yavuz Selim Mosque


Sultan Selim Caddesi Balat
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Standing prominently in the Balat neighborhood overlooking the Golden Horn, this mosque occupies one of the old city's seven hills. The 16th-century mosque was built on the orders of Sultan Selim I (nicknamed "the cruel") with the surrounding social complex added by his son Sultan Süleyman I. Historians believe the mosque's architect to be an Azeri called Acem Ali, brought back from Tabriz after Selim’s successful campaign against Iran. The mosque is relatively plain compared with the others commissioned by sultans, but the interior's broad dome, colored windows, tile details, and painted arabesques give a spacious, tranquil effect. In the adjoining garden are the tombs of Selim I and Sultan Abdülmecid. The view from this garden is stunning, stretching down the Golden Horn from Süleymaniye Mosque to the Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Palace.

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