Yıldız Sarayı Müzesi (Yıldız Palace Museum)

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Barbaros Bulvari, Serencebey Yokusu, No. 62 Besiktas/ Istanbul - TURKEY Beşiktaş
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9:00am - 7:00pm

The first pavilion on this site was built by Sultan Ahmed I, during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificient. At the end of the 18th century, Sultan Selim III  built Yıldız Pavilion for his mother Sultan Mihrişah and a fountain for his father. Sultan Albulaziz, who stayed at the Yıldız Köşk (kiosk) during summers, added state apartments and more kiosks to the structure.


The main construction was started during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II, and the pavilion was called Saray-i Humayun (Central Palace). Throughout this period, buildings for the Sultan's private use, as well as repair and carpenter’s shops, theaters, museums and more were added to the structure. In 1978 the Pavilion was conveyed to the Ministry of Culture and started to operate as a museum under the name of 'Directorate of the Museum of Yildiz Palace' from 1993. The museum houses objects from the converted carpentry workshop of Sultan Abdülhamid II, as well as exquisite porcelain, vases, and gifts sent to the Sultan.


Visitors may also be interested in the IRCICA Library, which was founded by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as a library and research center holding tens of thousands of books in 145 languages, as well as thousands of maps and historic photographs. Centering on Islamic subjects, the library also offers works on history, architecture, literature, philosophy, and geography. Library opening hours: 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday; closed on Sundays.


Sections of the Museum:

State Apartments Kiosk

Small State Kiosk

Island Kiosk

Cihannuma Kiosk

Yıldız Palace Museum

Art Noveau Section

Private Bath of Sultan Abdulhamid II

Small Apartment Bath

Yıldız Palace Theater

Performing Arts Museum


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