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Yeni Çarşı Caddesi No.34 İstiklal
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9:00am - 9:30pm

Established in 1994, Robinson Crusoe 389 has been selling a wide variety of Turkish, English, and French books. Indeed, apart from a few other bookshops, Robinson Crusoe is a familiar name for ex-pats, visitors, and Istanbulites and it is known as one of the best-known English language bookstores in Istanbul. The store has a vast inventory of subjects from social and cultural studies, fine arts, cinema, history, economics, science and medicine, and children's books. In addition, they have a very large Turkish interest selection ranging from pre-history to current events. Finally, Robinson Crusoe relieves the frustrations of fiction fans. You may not be able to find the most recent New York Times best seller, but you will certainly find that preceding it. That said, anything that you cannot find in the store, the very patient staff with order it for you. As an independent bookstore, Robinson Crusoe 389 is not only a great choice for book hunting, but they also hold a diverse collection of magazines, periodical and journals such as Novum and Yemek & Kültür.

Until 2014, Robinson Crusoe covered two stories of an Istiklal shop. Since then it has been located on the fourth floor of nearby gallery SALT Beyoğlu on İstiklal Caddesi. While SALT Beyoğlu is under restoration, Robinson Crusoe has moved to Yeni Çarşı Caddesi, the road that runs along the side of Galatasaray High School. 

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