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Mumhane Caddesi No.50 Karaköy
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11:00am - 7:00pm

Mixer made its debut in the art world with a philosophy that aims to make art accessible to everyone. It opened in Tophane in 2012, moved to Sıraselviler in 2015, and has had a new space in Karaköy since September 2017. In its most recently opened space, Mixer has two main areas, a Project Space and a Temporary Exhibition Area. In the former, contemporary artists' work is displayed on a rotational basis. In the latter, a combination of established artists and independent art professionals can develop and refine their curatorial skills. Since its opening, Mixer has hosted more than 100 artists with over 500 artworks displayed; many of these pieces can be viewed on their website, and some can even be purchased. 

Mixer consistently organizes some of the most notable and exciting exhibitions in Istanbul, bringing local and international artists and art appreciators together in its versatile, modern space. Aiming to support independent artists in many aspects of their career, from helping them with first solo exhibitions to giving them an attractive physical space to exhibit their works, Mixer is invested in each artist they work with in connecting them to a wider audience.

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