Mandala Müzik Evi (Mandala Music House)

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(0538) 690 07 25


Aslıhan Pasajı, Meşrutiyet Caddesi No.18/7 Galatasaray
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Aslıhan Pasajı is a destination that simply cannot be overlooked. Quite literally a passage, it has two entrances and two floors of which every inch is dominated by the smell of old books and the occasional scent of fresh tea steeping. Indeed the pasaj is a magical place that allows an age-old tradition to carry on: the sahaflar or secondhand book sellers. Among the two floors of secondhand book merchants are the record stores, of which one in particular stands out from its surroundings. 


Mandala Müzik Evi carries a vast secondhand collection of 33 and 45 RPMs. While the closet-size shop seems to be stacked to the ceiling with records, the collection really excels within the 1970s genre with both Turkish and international artists, from funk to punk and amazing disco selection. While this is the main focus, Mandala also carries some classical, jazz and a few other records that could not into a category such as Nightingale bird songs. The team at Mandala continuously receives new products, so it’s worth walking through the pasaj more often than not. Also, if you see something that strikes your interest, grab it immediately because it may not be there the next time you stroll around.

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