Karaköy Güllüoğlu

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(0212) 293 09 10


Rıhtım Caddesi, Katlı Otopark Altı No.3-4 Karaköy
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7:00am - 11:30pm

Güllüoğlu is the most well-known baklava names in town. The original was established in Gaziantep in 1871 and has become the major purveyor of baklava in Turkey. Today, the Güllüoğlu label is independently managed by three brothers. So that, two stores with the very similar names do not necessarily mean that they are run by the same people. 


The Karaköy faction of the Güllüoğlu Empire boasts many signs throughout the store that they do not have any branches. This is to say, do not be confused when you walk down the road to find another Güllüoğlu baklava shop, on Mumhane Caddesi. This one is considered more of a factory where they ship out baklava wonders to other restaurants and cafes. That said you can, as an individual, buy a box of baklava from there. That on Rıhtım Caddesi, around the corner from Namlı Gurme, is considered their store-cum-restaurant, where you can order one of a myriad kind of baklava and down them with lemonade. 


The current branch in Karaköy is the same one that was opened in 1949, then already famous for the amazing traditional baklava. Today the Karaköy team is playing around with tradition. While costumers return for the classics, they are actually renowned for the sheer variety of baklava. Indeed, both purists and those who want a change will sure find something here. The team at Karaköy makes every conceivable kind baklava from the plain, pistachio covered and green pistachio to those stuffed with pastry and/or clotted cream to those that are different shapes, square or cylindrical to those with a variety of unconventional nuts such as almonds or hazelnuts to those with and even fruit. There is even a chocolate baklava; something that cannot be found so easily.


Go and marvel at the trays and trays of glistening parcels of delicious distilled heart attack, enjoy with a cup of çay in the cafe area or buy a box or two to take home.


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Baklava with clotted cream

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