Jennifer's Hamam

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(0212) 516 30 22


Arasta Bazaar No.135 Sultanahmet
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8:30am - 9:00pm

Jennifer's Hamam is one of the few boutiques in Istanbul to stock truly hand woven textiles. It's located in Sultanahmet's shadow and its storefront, like its name, is a mixture of cultures. The boutique sticks out from its surroundings with its Canadian flag mounted at the top of its display window. Yes, the boutique is managed by Jennifer Gaudet, a Canadian, who has set out to revitalize the art and craft of family weaving in the city. The boutique's claim to fame is its textiles such as towels, peştemals (woven towels), bathrobes, bedding, scarves, table covers and more. Outside the realm of textiles, Jennifer's boutique is also stocked in other products you may want to bring with you to the hamam (traditional Turkish bath) like keses (pocket scrubs). 

Since its foundation in 2009, the boutique has been working exclusively with the families who continue the weaving tradition in Turkey. All products in the store are made only from organic and naturally-dyed materials such as organic cotton, linen, bamboo. Also, one of the eight or nine families who weave for Gaudet have also been trained in silk weaving. It’s said that the combination of these techniques and materials allow for the end products to last up to six times longer than anything mass-produced in a factory. 

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