Ipek Hanımın Çiftliği (Ipek Hanım's Farm)

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(0256) 313 57 84
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İpek Hanımın Çiftliği (İpek Hanım’s Farm) is located a little outside the village of Ocaklı in Nazilli (Aydın Province). İpek Hanım is a committed vegetarian whose farm products, grown without any kind of hormones, pesticides, or chemical fertilizer, include a wide selection of vegetables, homemade jams, olive oils, cheeses, eggs, and more. An updated list of the Farm’s products (the availability of which changes regularly) is emailed to İpek Hanım’s customers; orders are shipped five days a week, but can be placed at any time. Payment is upon delivery only, with no payment being accepted if orders arrive in a spoiled condition. Prices are reasonable for organic produce.


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