Fazıl Bey’s Turkish Coffee

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(0216) 450 28 70


Serasker Caddesi No.2 Kadıköy
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8:00am - 11:00pm

Fazıl Bey’s Turkish Coffee's first coffee house was opened in 1923 and there have been several different locations across the city in the past. This one is nestled in the heart of the vibrant Kadıkoy market area bustling with restaurants and coffee shops. In a small 2 story building with a compact wooden staircase and rustic furniture, the whole philosophy here is against producing raw coffee through manufacturing methods, believing instead that producing great Turkish coffee requires care, solicitude and love. 


At Fazıl Bey’s the antique fire-engine red grinding machine has been used for years and still takes center stage in the small serving area. They carefully select Brazilian coffee beans before personally roasting and grinding them on site. With the skill and experience Fazıl Bey has acquired from taking over his grand-father's job, the coffee is then brewed to perfection in the traditional cezve (small copper pan with a long handle) before being served with a glass of water and piece of Turkish delight. This dedication to process has led many to argue that this is the best Turkish coffee in the city. 


For something a little more adventurous you could also try a damla sakızlı (Turkish coffee with the natural pine flavoring of mastic). Although you are unlikely to be able to replicate the expertise of the brewing, it is also possible to buy the ground coffee to take home with you. In the winter there is warm and comforting, cinnamon dusted sahlep and the homemade mint lemonade is wonderfully refreshing in the summer months, whilst perfect Turkish tea is also steaming away all year round.


But really it is all about the coffee here; the scent fills the street outside and it will tease you as you wait to spot a free table at which to enjoy it. Nostalgia, history, tradition and dedication to authentic Turkish coffee just as it should be, has set Fazıl Bey’s Turkish Coffee apart from the competition in Istanbul.

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