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  • 24 November
    Vega in Istanbul @ DasDas

    One of the most beloved local rock bands since the 1990s, Vega has captured its fans’ hearts with their hits such as “Tamam Sustum”, “Bu Sabahların Bir Anlamı Olmalı”, and “Alışamadım Yokluğuna”. After taking a long hiatus, Vega is promoting its...

  • 27 November
    Royal Opera House Screening: Alice’s Adventures @ Zorlu PSM

    The Royal Opera House continues its ballet screenings on the big screen. With inventive choreography by Christopher Wheeldon and sweeping melodies of Jody Talbot, this classic...

  • 09 December
    GusGus Live @ Babylon Bomonti

    Known for his work with famous musicians such as Björk and Sigur Ros, GusGus will take the stage to perform his music, a mix of techno, trip-hop, and house.