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  • 18 January

    Norwegian pop-folk singer and songwriter Moddi is coming to Salon İKSV for two nights on January 18 and 19. Moddi is known for his collaborations with diverse artists such as Pussy Riot and Vashti Bunyan, while his own style draws on European...

  • 19 January
    Cihan Mürtezaoğlu @ Babylon Bomonti


    Cihan Mürtezaoğlu produced his first single “Sarı Söz” in 2015, after working with Yasemin Mori, Ceylan Ertem, Pinhani and Mabel Matiz as an arranger, guitarist, composer and producer. He’s going to perform acoustic tunes with his...

  • 20 January
    Ensemble Olivinn

    Ensemble Olivinn is a group that mixes and interprets Anatolian folk songs, called türküler , in the light of Western classical music. In this concert the six members are three Turks and three Germans, each bringing their own cultural...

  • 20 January
    Lara Di Lara

    Lara Di Lara, known as the vocalist of band 123, is coming to Salon İKSV for a concert on January 20. As well as recording three albums with the electronic indie group, Lara also worked with influential musicians such as New York jazzman İlhan...

  • 20 January
    Kid Francescoli @ Babylon Bomonti


    French electronic pop group Kid Francescoli was started by Mathieu Hocine and then joined by Laetitia Abello (vocals), David Borras (keyboards) and Olivier Scalia (bass). Their lyrics focus on the angst and dreams of the...

  • 21 January
    Bedük @ Babylon Bomonti


    Bedük will be onstage at Babylon performing his live electronic music on January 21. He became known for his video “Automatik”, which kept him on top of the singles charts of MTV Turkey and on the radio for weeks. His album “Go” then...