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  • 28 February

    Known for their unique and experimental style, Gevende will be performing at Babylon on February 28. Since 2000, the Eskişehir-based band has participated in local and international festivals and released several albums, including Ev in 2006 and...

  • 01 March

    British indie band Seafret made a big debut with the single "Oceans," whose video featured actress Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones . The 2016 album Tell Me It's Real gained them more fans among the indie rock crowd. See them live at Salon...

  • 03 March
    The Best Actress of the Year

    The Seyyar Sahne theater group presents its play Yılın En İyi Kadın Oyuncusu (The Best Actress of the Year) at Sahne Pulchérie on March 3. This play explores our need to be liked by our friends, our lovers, our colleagues, and virtually the whole...

  • 04 March
    Dangerous Games

    The Seyyar Sahne theater group presents its play Tehlikeli Oyunlar (Dangerous Games) at Sahne Pulchérie on March 4. In previous years this theater group has adapted non-theatrical texts such as parts of the Old Testament and Farid ud-Din Attar's...

  • 06 March
    Dhafer Youssef

    Tunisian-born composer and musician Dhaffer Youssef is coming to Istanbul for a concert at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall on March 6. Youssef has lived in Europe since the 1990s, fusing the music of his country with avant-garde and jazz...

  • 08 March
    Souad Massi

    Algerian folk and rock singer Souad Massi is coming to perform at Salon İKSV on two consecutive nights, March 8 and 9. Massi was influenced by Western country and rock in her youth, which mixes with her North African influences in a deep,...