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  • 30 March
    İlhan Erşahin's Wonderland feat. Hüsnü Şenlendirici

    Swedish-Turkish saxophonist İlhan Erşahin is taking the stage with his Wonderland project, including legendary Turkish Roma clarinettist Hüsnü Şenlendirici. Together they blend contemporary jazz with the traditional improvisation of Turkey's Roma...

  • 31 March
    Vivaldi: Bajazet

    The Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Directorate presents its premier of Vivaldi's Bajazet (1735), which deals with Ottoman sultan Beyazid I and his capture by the Turco-Mongol conqueror Timur. One of the most famous pieces of music to emerge from...

  • 31 March
    Tamikrest / TAU

    Hailing from Mali's town of Kidal, the group Tamikrest plays electric blues rooted in the Tuareg language and musical traditions. The band's album Chatma attracted great attention abroad, giving them a spot alongside Tinariwen as the leading...

  • 31 March

    The Kirpi Tiyatro theater group presents its performance of French writer Rémi de Vos' play "West" at Sahne Pulchérie on March 31. This topical play examines the rise of the far-right in Europe, in this case through the increasingly hopeless...

  • 31 March
    Pera Museum: "Look Again" Performances

    The Pera Museum is hosting a series of performances, in collaboration with Performistanbul, that encourage us to "Look Again" at the museum's permanent collections. In this innovative interaction between performance art and museum pieces, the...

  • 31 March
    İlhan Erşahin vs Oceanvs Orientalis

    Swedish-Turkish saxophonist İlhan Erşahin is taking the stage with South American rhythm masters Oceanvs Orientalis at Babylon on March 31. Known for his Nublu clubs - with one formerly in Istanbul and another in New York - Erşahin is a world...