Work with The Guide Istanbul

Open positions

If you would like to contribute to The Guide as a freelance writer, here’s how to pitch a story to us: 

- Before submitting an idea, please make sure the topic hasn’t been covered by The Guide in the last 12-18 months

- Search our online archives to get an overview of what kind of stories we might be interested in

- Briefly explain the angle of your article— for popular subjects suggest a new approach

- Explain why this particular topic might be interesting to The Guide readers, 

- Specify what the sources for the story will be: if your article is research-based, name the main sources; if interview-based, name the interviewees

- Give estimated word count and any relevant production dates we should be aware of

- Email your submission to marzena @ 

The Guide Istanbul, Levent office is open for interns throughout the year. Voluntary work includes content creation and management, assisting marketing and distribution teams, as well as assistance with the inventory of The Guide Shop. Applicants can submit CV and cover letters to marzena @