Why 5th Position’s swimwear designs are not for posers

Why 5th Position’s swimwear designs are not for posers

Olivia Rose Walton
June 20, 2017

Buse Uğur and Ezgi Bozkurt, 5th Position designersBuse Uğur started 5th Position two years ago when, as a professional dancer, she got fed up with the lack of elegant women’s swimwear and used her leotards instead. When she met industrial product designer and model Ezgi Bozkurt, it seems she found her creative soulmate. The two can be credited with creating swimwear that’s ideal for the modern woman – a woman who doesn’t want to be embellished, but who wants to run, swim, play, and look enchanting all at the same time.​

“It was so simple,” Buse told The Guide Istanbul of her first collection. “Just six models.” Bozkurt was hooked: “I used that swimsuit the whole summer. It was the thing I was looking for but could not find.” Bozkurt’s background in industrial design and interior architecture lent itself well to Uğur’s vision, and gives the swimsuits their structured practicality and durable quality, with two layers of thick fabric. They had their first runway show in March 2015, just four months after starting work together.​

“Everything was with a lot of accessories, I couldn’t find anything simple. And everybody liked [our designs],” says Uğur. “People miss simple stuff.” It seems that many women in Turkey and beyond agree. The brand is now stocked locally and in stores in Sydney and New York. Perhaps the appeal lies in the absolute simplicity of both concept and execution.​

The design is reminiscent of Uğur’s love of dance, too: the name 5th Position comes from the most sophisticated ballet starting foot arrangement, the one all little girls who dance aspire to. One of this season’s bikini tops bears the name of Margot Fonteyn, the legendary ballet dancer. Characters like Fonteyn also embody the other of 5th Position’s principles: elegant sexiness in the form of a very feminine silhouette. “The main inspiration is still ballet and dancing,” says Bozkurt. “But inspiration also really comes from the women. We’re obsessed with designing things that you can wear while you are doing something, while you are active. We are not designing swimwear for sunbathing – it’s for people who live, not for any of those posers.”​

Find 5th Position at Souq Karaköy, Mae Zae, Shopi Go, and Vakkorama, or online at www.5thpositionstore.com