What you should know about Thrace grapes

What you should know about Thrace grapes

Marzena Romanowska
January 19, 2017

Pino Gris, ArcadiaThrace grapes for beginners

Karasakız and kınalı yapıncak are the two local grapes in Suvla’s repertoire. The first one lends itself to delicate red and rosé varieties, which have become the company’s signatures. The latter is a white grape with reddish freckles. The name became famous after iconic actress Hülya Koçyiğit played the lead in the film by the same name.

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Kolorko is a very rare grape native to Thrace grown by Melen as well as the Izmir-based Paşaeli. White wine made out of it is available in very limited quantities, and an absolute must try.

Papazkarası is another light local red grape variety. Rarely used in blends, it’s been appreciated by Thrace’s own Melen and Chamlija. Sauvignon gris and pinot gris are subtle French imports that have been exclusively planted in Arcadia, and are the only examples of their kind in Turkey so far. Due to a thin skin, their cultivation requires a lot of extra effort and patience.

When their vines were affected by the common fungus Botrytis Cinarea, Arcadia turned disadvantage into opportunity by producing a late harvest, sweet sauvignon blanc, best enjoyed at the end of a meal.

Gülor’s cabernet sauvignon/merlot 1998 is Thrace’s first Bordeaux-style wine ever released. There are only some 100 bottles of this vintage left at the moment.