Top 7 reasons to dine at Neolokal

Top 7 reasons to dine at Neolokal

Caner Kocamaz
March 03, 2017

Every year The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy releases a list of excellent eateries around the world. The academy included Mehmet Gürs’ Mikla in the list’s extended version, and now they have included a second Turkish restaurant for another list: Neolokal, in this month’s edition of the academy’s Diners Club 50 Best Discovery Series list, along with five other restaurants across the Middle East and Africa. This list includes restaurants that received votes in the last round of voting for The World's 50 Best Restaurants. 

Maksut Aşkar and his talented crew in the kitchen have been running Neolokal towards a well-deserved success. We congratulate Aşkar and the team behind the restaurant on making the list this month. Their mission has been to reinterpret delicacies from every corner of Anatolia to create modern and mouthwatering dishes. If you haven’t already, here are seven reasons to pick up your phone and reserve your table right away.

1. An open kitchen, where you can take a peek at executive chef Maksut Aşkar and his amazing team as they prepare artful, creative dishes.

Maksut Aşkar, photo by Merve Göral

There is a great harmony in the kitchen between Aşkar and his crew, which is reflected in the dishes as well. You can see them in action through the open kitchen.

2. The SALT Galata building, like the restaurant, has both history and modernity

SALT Galata

The restaurant is in the same building as SALT Galata, an NGO that aims to become Turkey’s largest cultural institution. The building was renovated from the former home of the Ottoman Bank. This renovation goes hand-in-hand with Neolokal’s concept.

3. Taste both Turkish heritage and innovation on one plate


Neolokal takes traditions, heritage, and local tastes from all over Anatolia and blends them with modernity to produce dishes that represent the roots of this country while facing the future.

4. Eye-catching plates


If you can take your eyes off the food, Neolokal’s plates will amaze you so much that you will feel the urge to sneak one into your bag. Some of these craft plates come from the innovative brand mO / santimetre.

5. By eating here, you support the slow food revolution

Slow food, Neolokal, photo by Merve Göral

Aşkar and his team source their produce according to the Slow Food Ark of Taste guidelines, bringing all key ingredients from the farm and field straight to the table. So it’s assured that you have a fresh and natural dinner here.

6. Sharing plates, so you can taste everything on the table


Take your friend or partner along with you and order the shared tasting menu to get a taste of everything that the kitchen puts out. By then, you’ll be a Neolokal expert with great insight into Aşkar’s cooking philosophy.

7. Breathtaking Old City view


The SALT Galata building overlooks Istanbul’s Old City skyline. Reserve your table right in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and enjoy the view while taking a journey through contemporary Turkish cuisine.