Patmos: Aegean blues, taverns, and long walks

Patmos: Aegean blues, taverns, and long walks

March 17, 2017

Patmos | Photo by Cem Apa

If your idea of vacation is to dance until the wee hours of the morning, you can cross Patmos off your vacation destination list. If you dream of swimming in picturesque bays with pristine clear waters, eating at simple tavernas, taking long walks, and meeting wonderful locals, Patmos Island is the place for you. The island is tranquil and the people are placid-natured, welcoming you with a sense of serenity.

Where to Eat

You should be advised that since the restaurants of this elegant island are tiny, reservations are definitely recommended.

View from Vagia Cafe | Photo by Cem Apa

Make sure to sit on the breezy terrace, enjoy the view, and have breakfast or lunch at Vagia Café. T: +30 2247 031658

Benetos is located on the quiet Sapsila Bay. Greek fusion food is served at this picturesque location. Be prepared for city prices on the island. T: +30 2247 033089

George’s Place | Photo by Cem Apa

Everybody has heard about George’s Place on Kampos Beach. George only serves lunch but be sure not to miss his sensational full moon dinners, with breathtaking views. T: +30 2247 031881

Lampi Taverna | photo by Cem Apa

Lampi Taverna is a favorite of locals and the well heeled with a romantic location and excellent Greek fare T: +30 2247 031490; +30 697 2993479

If you’d like to get a pedicure that lasts for months, you’ll need to make an appointment with the famous Maro. Greeks travel from all over for her pedicure. T: +30 2247 032937; +30 697 4962213

Pantheon, Patmos | Photo by Cem Apa

Another favorite of locals or returning visitors of Patmos is Pantheon. Mr. Giagos’ restaurant is on the left, as you start to climb to Chora from the parking area. He is famous for his grilled octopus and tasty traditional Greek food. T: +30 2247 031226

Chora Square, Patmos | Photo by Cem Apa

After dinner you can walk to the beautiful, film-set-worthy Chora Square to mingle, listen to music, and have drinks or some ice cream.

La Strada ”di Petranti” | Photo by Cem Apa

If you prefer to dine in Skala, on the beach, and watch beautiful views of the port and the Monastery, then head to restaurant La Strada ”di Petranti”, which offers excellent Mediterranean food and an alternative to those who’ve had enough of Greek Salad. T: +30 224 47034188

Right across the street, on the second floor is Tsivaeri which offers excellent Greek fair with very friendly service.T: +30 2247 031170

Dancers of Aloni | Photo by Cem Apa

If you’re looking for a spot with traditional cuisine and entertainment, head to Aloni. The owner and waiters turn out to be the best dancers and musicians in Patmos and you can have a great time dancing with the locals after the show. Just make sure to make reservations and don’t go before 22.00, even for dinner. T: +30 2247 031007; +30 697 7660484

Tsipouradiko | Photo by Cem Apa

Tsipouradiko is located in Skala, right on the beach. The energetic owner Pandelis and his great staff provide wonderful and attentive service. This already famous taverna serves a wide range of mezedes, and they particularly know how to cook the fresh fish that is delivered daily. You can come here just to savor the fava and octopus with a balsamic sauce, and you’ll certainly go back for this dish, if not for their capacity to satiate your appetite as well your soul. Skala- Patmos; T: +30 2247032803; +30 6944581872

Ginger Bar | Photo by Cem Apa

After dinner at Tsipouradiko, you can simply cross the street and head to Ginger Bar. It’s nicely decorated with a beautiful inner garden. The lively music makes this spot a favorite of the well-groomed locals. Casual food and café fare is also served. Just be aware that no one arrives before 22.00. Skala- Patmos T: +302247031009; +30 6977509035

Flisvos Restaurant | Photo by Cem Apa

We spotted this lovely terrace restaurant on our way to Petra Beach. Flisvos Restaurant has a wonderful view of both the Grikou Bay and Petra Beach and also the Kaliktsou Rock. It’s quiet and serene, while good, traditional Greek food and wines are served. The owners certainly take good care of you and you’ll want to go back for more… Grikos- Petra; T: +30 2247031380

Taverna Mermaids (Gorgones Fish Tavern) | Photo by Cem Apa

Taverna Mermaids (Gorgones Fish Tavern) is a reliable taverna right next to Theo & Doris’s wonderful store, Selena. The experience is comparable to eating in a Greek home, something seen often at Greek island restaurants, where the cook is also the mother of the family and the food is rich with tradition. Skala-Patmos T: +30 22470 31170; +30 6941404010

Thea Bar & Restaurant is a newcomer to Patmos. There is a quaint courtyard for drinks and dining and also a terrace with a great view where mainstream music is played. Thea Restaurant is a good alternative if you need a break from traditional Greek food.

Set in a small alley, on the corner of Ginger, Chiliomodi taverna offers an excellent selection of mezedes and perfectly grilled seafood. Skala-Patmos; T: +30 2247 034179

Petrino Café is located on the square in Skala, and is open all day, everyday. You can grab a table for people watching while you enjoy great coffee, the best yogurt and fruits on the island, drinks in the evening, and the friendliest service at any hour of the day. Skala- Patmos; T: +30 22470 31422

Jimmy's Balcony in Chora offers one of the best views on Patmos. The owner Jimmy and his son Spiros are wonderful hosts and make everyone feel at home.T: +30 2247 032115

Where To Shop

Right next door to Jimmy’s Balconi Restaurant is his wife Mary’s beautiful gift shop, full of tasteful Greek designers’ crafts and jewelry. ‘Right here, on the island of Patmos, this unique stone of the Aegean,’ as Thanos states on his website, his fine jewelry store sells wearable art. You will probably not leave the store without wearing something handmade by Thanos himself. In any case you will definitely enjoy meeting Thanos and his lovely wife, and seeing his tastefully displayed creations. Skala- Patmos; T: +30 210 7222 479;

You can’t miss Α & Ω  on your way up to Chora. Its beautifully decorated façade will definitely catch your attention. It’s amusing to meet Maria, the owner, who will lovingly tell the story of each jewel. Once you know the store, you’ll make the pilgrimage every year to see the new designs, which abide to Greek jewelry techniques that have been evolving since the Mycenaean and Minoan Civilizations. A & Ω at Chora-Patmos; T: +30 22470 34266 +30 6946 980108. 

There’s also another store in Skala named Iris Fine Jewels, which provides you with beautiful wearable jewels imbued with the spirit of Patmos . Always made of precious materials and by the precious hands of the most talented Greek jewelry artists. But up in Chora, Maria adds a sparkle to the jewels. Iris Fine Jewels at Skala- Patmos; T: +30 22470 34113

Tara is Patmos’ most chicest boutique. The collection reflects owner Tanya’s stylish nature and it’s almost impossible to leave without buying something. T: +30 2247 031335

Selena Gift Shop in Skala | Photo by Cem Apa

For gifts and beautiful colorful hand blown glass cups, the famous shop Selena is a definite recommendation. The owners, Doris and Theo, are always in the store and take extra care to package your items carefully so that they arrive in perfect condition. T: +30 2247 031742

Note that when in Patmos you can stock up on your pantry provisions from A&B Supermarket. They also carry an excellent array of Greek & International wines. A&B also has delivery services.

Katerina Mourati’s gallery is in Chora, next to the beautiful Α & Ω shop. This is how Stephanos Rosanis describes her work: “Katerina Mourati’s painting lies between the limits of symbolism, where the plastic art symbol moves on a thin line that separates the internal experience from the psychedelic trip in the confused Ego area. The style of her paintings, very sophisticated and carefully developed, is composed by a strange combination of peinture naïve, primitive picture making and numerous details which are gradually revealed as we take a closer look at the painting.

The messages expressed by the paintings play a significant role in this revelation. Although they do not relate to explanation through words, they are closely attached to the sketches and expressed by the painting s plasticity. The themes Katerina is inspired by, are a mixture of Byzantine architecture, biblical und mythological representations, imaginary pictures of primitive formations and alterations of religious emblems. It’s delightful to meet both Katerina & her husband and to see her descriptive & creative work.” T: +30 22470 34270

Where to Stay

Eirini Luxury Hotel Villas | Photo by Cem Apa

Eirini Luxury Hotel Villas offers the best accommodation on the island with seven two-story houses and a view of the sea on Sapsila Bay. The owners Irene & Christos will make sure you feel at home. T: +30 22470 33034; +30 697 3744102

What to Do

Famed water sports Instructor Andreas | Photo by Cem Apa

Andreas, is the famed watersports instructor on Kampos Beach. He also plays great music as he speeds away. T: +30 6972 123541;;

Agriolivadi Beach | Photo by Cem Apa

Another great beach is on Agriolivadi. If you like to swim long distances, you’ll love swimming here. After a dip in the sea you can have a well-deserved delicious lunch of traditional Greek fare at the sedate taverna.

Athena Sidiropoulou offers great massages in the most incredible settings imaginable. Make sure to call ahead for an appointment. Mobile: +30 694 4430202;

It’s a pleasure to walk around on Patmos, especially from one bay to the other. You can also take the Walking Patmos Tours for a chance to explore many unknown old pathways and alleys to discover the unknown magic of the island.; T: +30 6932834707