Most romantic restaurants in Istanbul

Most romantic restaurants in Istanbul

February 01, 2016

Istanbul is many things - old, chaotic, refreshing, calming, unnerving - but it is always romantic. Whether you aready have a significant other in your life, or you’re meeting someone for the first time, or you’re just hanging out with your best friends, here are some of the most romantic restaurants to visit in Istanbul. 



Hudson is an old Arnavutköy house turned into a restaurant, and that homey feeling is kept in the restaurant especially on the second floor. The innovative, delicious menu and experienced staff add to your dining experience. If you want to impress your loved one, book seats at the chef’s table on the kitchen floor.​

Veranda Pera

For a change of pace, Veranda Pera offers the best of fine-dining and meyhane cultures. Discover their unconventional kinds of meze on their menu. And with its new top-floor dining room, you and yours will get the bonus of a great view of surrounding nostalgic Pera neighborhood. Veranda Pera is great for a quiet and warm dinner. 

Antica Locanda

Antica Locanda

Antica Locanda is another delicious option for fine Italian dining, away from the Karaköy crowds. With its rich and interesting menu, it’s a good place for a long evening. And its location is just as romantic as the restaurant itself. After a wonderful meal, take a walk through the sleepy, cobble-stoned streets of Arnavutköy. 


If Japanese cuisine is your thing as a couple, Zuma is a perfect place to head for a romantic night. With sleek interiors, a creative menu filled with sushi and seafood along with a wide selection of cocktails, the restaurant will spice things up for you on a special night. On Valentine’s Day, Zuma has a special menu and  DJ performance to make the evening even more special.


For those who are particularly partial to the gastronomical, Nicole will most definitely be the ideal fit for a romantic evening. Located on the top floor of the Tomtom Suites, the salon is simply decorated allowing you to concentrate on the view and your sweet significant other. 


For breathtaking Bosphorus views, unique seafood dishes and a laid-back atmosphere, look no farther than the blue and white interiors of Eleos. The restaurant offers both a cheerful, delicious dining experience, and intimate moments as you gaze out together across the city lights.



A seat at the expanded chef’s table in Kuruçeşme is the perfect way to indulge in a romance with both your loved one and gastronomy. Chef İsmet Saz’s seasonal, delicious dishes and house-aged steaks are sure to set tastebuds alight, and the great wine menu will help give the evening an even warmer glow. 

La Scarpetta

Located on a residential street in Etiler, La Scarpetta offers Italian fine dining in an elegant, intimate dining space for a romantic night for two. Its rich selection of dishes as well as the wine menu filled with Turkish and Italian brands is more than enough to spoil yourselves.

Lokanta Armut, photo by Merve Göral

Lokanta Armut

Lokanta Armut creates the perfect setting for a night of romance with its welcoming interiors and excellent, well-thought-out dishes. Although the restaurant is a little far from the city center, the menu makes it worth the trip. Plus you can make the journey part of the surprise, keeping your loved one wondering where you’re headed. Don’t forget to share a dessert to wrap up the night on a sweet note. 

Casa Lavanda Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

Even further from the city crowds, Şile’s Casa Lavanda is ideal for anyone looking for a more exclusive weekend getaway. This restaurant much like its boutique offers all visitors a relaxing and refreshing break from the commotion of city life. Enjoy a romantic evening of some of the city’s best dishes by the fireplace for a simple and truly rustic ambience. 

Feriye Palace
Imagine dining beneath a billowed tent ceiling, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the sparkling Bosphorus, Ortaköy mosque and twinkling lights of Asia. Pair the atmosphere with elegant cocktails and wine list, plus fresh, seasonal Turkish-inspired meze, internationally-inspired risottos, pastas and raviolis, and even a list of fresh sushi.