!f Istanbul 17th Independent Film Festival

!f Istanbul 17th Independent Film Festival

January 10, 2018
  • The Florida Project
  • I am Not a Witch
  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Every year since 2002, !f Istanbul gathers thousands of people around the idea that cinema has the power to cross borders and boundaries. In 2018, The 17th edition of the !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival, featuring screenings, competitions, panels, and more, will take place from February 15-25 in Istanbul and March 1-4 in Ankara and İzmir.

Festival sneak peaks 

The annual !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival delivers dozens of events that present the best in contemporary and independent film, picking a central theme to reflect global issues that are gripping the world’s—and filmmakers’—attention. Though the full program and theme will be officially announced in mid-January, here is a sneak peak at three of the most anticipated film highlights. 
From unflinching dramas to heart-warming comedies to heart-wrenching documentaries, !f Istanbul brings its viewers a diverse mix of films that reveal humanity’s condition through the eyes of talented filmmakers.

The Florida Project, an American film directed by Sean Baker, is centered around a six-year-old girl, her friends, and her single mother who build their ordinary, fascinating lives around a motel complex close to Walt Disney World. Praised as a must-see film that captures the themes of childhood and poverty with authenticity, this movie is expected to move crowds to tears and fill the cinema with laughter. 

I am Not a Witch, written and directed by Rungano Nyoni, is a bewildering film about a young girl who is accused of being a witch by her Zambian village. With a focus on themes surrounding African womanhood, the film blends together the cultural beauties and difficulties such as superstition, social structures, and misogyny. This haunting, funny, and authentic satire characterizes the director as a filmmaker with whose autobiographical stories will captivate her audience. 

Directed by John Cameron Mitchell and based on a short story by UK author Neil Gaiman, How to Talk to Girls at Parties is a science fiction romantic comedy set in 1977 London. It revolves around an encounter between a group of rowdy teenage boys and mysterious, beautiful intergalactic beings. The costume design and soundtrack make this film stand out and viewers are sure to enjoy this light-hearted love story with a surprising genre mix. 

Sharing the cinema spirit

Over the years, !f Istanbul created new platforms for filmmakers and creative professionals to connect through various projects and scholarship programs. !f², a film distribution project, has shared the festival spirit with more than 30 cities in Turkey, as well as in neighboring countries. !f Lab provides opportunities for emerging and well-known filmmakers around the world to learn about each other’s professional journeys and receive mentoring and support for upcoming film projects. With this year’s film festival, !f Istanbul is sure to create waves of inspiration through its programs that bring together people with a passion for independent cinema.

The 17th !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival will take place at various Cinemaximum locations. Tickets will be available for online purchase on Biletix starting February 3, 2018. For more information about !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival and its corresponding programs, visit ifistanbul.com.


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