Best online fashion stores in Turkey

Best online fashion stores in Turkey

January 22, 2016

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Istanbul is a shopping paradise, no doubt about that. From the hip boutiques in Galata to the prestigious up-market malls like İstinyePark and Zorlu Center the city offers a myriad of temptations to loose your head and your savings over. But let’s face it, sometimes it is so much more satisfying to sit on your couch in your favorite pajamas and surf the season’s new arrivals online. We wouldn’t dare judge anyone for staying home instead of wrestling over the perfect handbag or that pair of limited edition sneakers. Why not indulge in an online shopping spree every now and then? That’s why we set out to find Istanbul’s (or Turkey’s for that matter) most stylish online shops for you. From the whimsical vintage to the glamorous luxury brands, here are our picks.

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The Guide Shop (Website in English, International delivery)

The Guide Shop is driven by its passion for the authentic and the artisan. Their products focus on quality by collating the best of Turkey's innovative and creative designers and hand picking the finest traditional products. They also design and produce under their own signature brand, LCP. Whether you are looking for signature pieces to adorn your home or a piece of jewelry to adorn your self, everything here is shaped by the vast culture of the region, with their own stories to tell.

Shopi Go (Turkish and English, worldwide shipping)

A well curated online boutique of the rare and the eclectic. Men and women alike can find international brands like Carven, Opening Ceremony and many others here that are not being sold anywhere else in Istanbul. The shop extended its presence into the real world recently, but their online shop offers the whole assortment to browse and discover. Shopi Go also offers free deliveries and returns within Turkey and express delivery within Istanbul.

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Beymen (Turkish, domestic shipping)

The prestigious fashion store set out to offer its customers an exhaustive online assortment of international designer fashion topped off with Beymen’s own brands Academia, Beymen Collection, and Beymen Club. Free deliveries and returns within Turkey help against buyer’s remorse should you ever exceed your monthly fashion budget.​

Tru. Project (Turkish, domestic shipping)

Tru. Project claims to provide perfect basics and this is exactly what you will find in their online shop and in their store in Bebek. Here you can find refreshingly de-cluttered designs in great quality to complete your personal wardrobe with.

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290 Square Meters (English, worldwide shipping)

From men and women’s apparel to tech gadgets, offers variety and quality. They have a store in Akaretler in Istanbul along with Amsterdam and Zurich.

365ist (Turkish and English, domestic shipping)

365ist is one of the great shopping websites where you can find chic items both for women and men as well as your home. The website has a section where you can get inspiration from celebrity styles and buy items accordingly.

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Turkish for online shopping 101

Don’t worry if your Turkish isn’t perfect yet! We compiled a list of the essential vocabulary for your first online shopping tour. Please also refer to Sesli Sözlük for in-depth vocabulary.

adet - amount / pieces
alışveriş - shopping
beden - size
satın al - buy
sepete ekle - add to basket
sipariş toplamı - order total / sum
onay - ok / approve
üye girişi - login to account
ücret / ücretsiz - surcharge / free of charge

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