Alex Waldman's Classy Imbibing Bar

Alex Waldman's Classy Imbibing Bar

December 14, 2012
  • Old Fashioned | Photo by Elif Savari Kızıl
  • Tom Collins | Photo by Elif Savari Kızıl
  • 3/4
  • Photo by Elif Savari Kızıl

If you're looking for a place to have a beer and check out another hotspot crowd, stop reading this article right now.

This bar has no name and it never will. It is a sanctuary for those who feel a special kind of joy at the sound of ice being stirred to cool glass to the right temperature. It is for people who admire the frenzied metal flash of a shaker being tossed by adamant arms and the froth of a beaten egg white on top of their whiskey sour. It is for those who see drinking as a culinary act, who marvel at the home made bitters and syrups that are lifted by a simple gesture of a wrist and added to every thoroughly planned concoction. To say that this is a bar becomes a lie, because there are lots of bars in the city, and they are nothing like this.

But let's not allow our personal obsession with a perfectly prepared Tom Collins take over the reins, for there is no better way to describe this place than letting the man behind the candle-lit bar speak for it himself. His name is Alex Waldman and cocktails are his passion, real cocktails.


‘The aim of this bar is to make proper cocktails and to have that be a healthy business. If you’re going to drink alcohol anywhere, then you should do it properly and especially in Turkey where it’s exorbitantly expensive, people deserve to get the closest approximation of their money’s worth as possible. I feel like we do that, I feel like you’re paying through the nose to drink in this city no matter what, so at least your bartender should be wearing a tie and actually know what he is serving and be doing it with a little bit of knowledge, style, and class.


A classic cocktail doesn’t need to be changed it only needs to be applied perfectly. Drinking is not a one sided affair, it’s a complete sensory experience, it’s about sight, smell, flavor, people, environment, lighting, and all of these things that go into actually making a drink a pleasurable experience. I wouldn’t say that I’m giving people what I would consider the bare minimum, this is a little bit above and beyond, but for the price that you’re paying, this is what you should be getting. It also must be said, my whole life I’ve been involved in craft whether it’s carpentry or photography or sculpture or bookmaking etc., and when you’re making work to be displayed and even sold, the only guiding light that I was actually able to follow and see positive results from, was to do things that made me happy, to do things that I wanted to see. I think the reason why this place will succeed is because we needed it and made it for ourselves and other people also needed it. If we had been doing this to make other people happy, I don’t think it would succeed. So this is very much a place where we want to be and in so far as other people also want to be there it will be full and have a life, and that’s actually what success means, no?’




Note: We recommend that you visit Alex and his partner Ertan on weekday nights to really enjoy the experience because the weekends can become a little too crowded.

Address: Gönül Sokak No.7B, Beyoğlu, closed on Sunday and Monday.