• Cool Istanbul Series

    Cool Istanbul Series

    Summer is in full swing here in Istanbul, and we scouted out the city's best spots to cool off in the old city, Beyoğlu, alongside Bosphorus and the North, and the Asian side.
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  • The Guide Istanbul July/August Issue Is Out!

    The Guide Istanbul July/August Issue Is Out!

    The July/August issue of The Guide Istanbul is now on newsstands! Our summer issue will keep you cool and in the know in and around Istanbul.
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  • Spend an afternoon in Burgazada

    Spend an afternoon in Burgazada

    Avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy a sweet afternoon in Burgazada.
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  • Summer in Turkey: Instagram Competition

    Summer in Turkey: Instagram Competition

    Join our Instagram competition with a fabulous prize to win, for the best photograph that epitomizes summer in Turkey. Closing date is 6 August 2014.
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  • The Guide Bodrum 2014 Is Now Out!

    The Guide Bodrum 2014 Is Now Out!

    The Guide Bodrum 2014 is now out, with a special focus on the coolest, the chicest and the most popular neighborhoods of the peninsula.
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Restaurants & Cafes

Enstitü: Postmodern Home Cooking in Istanbul

Istanbul Culinary Institute ’s (ICI) restaurant Enstitü is where many students who graduate from the intensive training program of ICI ... Read More »

Listings Highlights

Café Lumière
Tucked away in one of Çukurcuma's steep backstreets lies Café Lumière, a ... Read More »
Inari, headed by executive chef Barlas Günebak, who has previously worked for seven years at ... Read More »


Concerts To See This Summer

This summer, Istanbul has got an exciting array of concerts lined up to help us escape from our hectic lives, as well as the summertime city heat. ... Read More »

Listings Highlights

Mixo Terrace
Mixo Terrace sits atop Martı Hotel in Taksim and boasts a varied menu best qualified as ... Read More »
Havelka, Caddebostan
Havelka is a classic gastro-pub with German roots.  Leathers booths, music posters littering ... Read More »


Istanbul's Most Opulent İftar Dinners

As eateries of all scale throughout the whole city are getting ready for the fasting month of Ramadan, so are Istanbul's high-end hotels and ... Read More »

Taste The Summer At YALI Mezze & Wine Bar

The newly opened YALI Mezze & Wine Bar at the Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus Hotel serves Turkish mezze deliciously re-interpreted by ... Read More »

Arts & Entertainment

Turkish Film Gains Praise on Festival Circuit

It's been a big year for Turkish cinema. Nuri Bilge Ceylan took home the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and now a film called Sev Beni, ... Read More »

Listings Highlights

Cinemaximum Akasya
Offers the latest blockbuster films and the latest in movie watching and ticket purchasing ... Read More »
Cinemaximum Zorlu Center
Offers the latest blockbuster films and the latest in movie watching and ticket purchasing ... Read More »


Made In Turkey: Mehry Mu

Güneş Mutlu, the designer behind Mehry Mu, draws inspiration from oriental patterns to create the label’s iconic bags that are being ... Read More »

Listings Highlights

Agent Provocateur
This UK-based lingerie provider, with a location in the Akasya Shopping Center in Acıbadem, ... Read More »
Mehry Mu Showroom
The Mehry Mu handbags by designer Güneş Mutlu are rife with traces of Istanbul. Inspired by ... Read More »


Istanbul for Kids, a New Guide

Istanbul born and bred authoress Burçak Gürün Muraben transforms the vast information out there about this city into a manageable ... Read More »


Have a Wild Thyme

This time of the year, there’s a prominent perfume of Ege dağ kekiği (Aegean mountain thyme) all along the Aegean coast of ... Read More »

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