Buying Turkish carpets
Shopping Buying Turkish carpets 101: how to get exactly what you want

If you’re reading this, chances are you already have an eye on a Turkish carpet. They are famous for a reason (we’ll explain in a bit), but the process of buying them is no easy task. If you’ve already attempted a purchase on your own and returned home with nothing, don’t worry - following our easy...

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Mustang (2015) and other Turkish movies of the past 25 years
Arts & Culture In the frame: 25 years of Turkish film posters

Turkish cinema experienced its first boom in the 1950s-70s, during a period called the Yeşilçam era (named after a Beyoğlu street that was the Hollywood of Istanbul). However, political and economic turbulence in the 70s and 80s badly affected the industry. The next renaissance arrived in the...

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Kemal Müderrisoğlu, Jean Cesar Reboul, Reboul Pharmacy
Istanbul Living How did Atelier Rebul become Istanbul’s signature scent?

Since its humble beginnings on İstiklal Street in 1895, the Rebul brand has been intangibly intertwined with Istanbul’s history, know for capturing the allure of the city and distilling it into a bottle. The original shop, called the Grande Pharmacie Parisienne, was one of Turkey’s first pharmacies...

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Hazine, Cihangir
Food & Drink Hazine Cihangir

Set on the hipster streets of Cihangir, newcomer Hazine stands out as notably more dressed up than many other places in the area. Created by Jupiter Group (the team behind Grey in Topağacı ), Hazine is a diverse space offering, as the sign at the entrance suggests, all-day dining, professionally-...

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Madame Tussauds Istanbul, photo by Merve Göral
Culture & history Madame Tussauds Istanbul

Visiting a wax museum is one of those must-dos when visiting a city, to get a taste of the local and international celebrity flavor. Already in 20 other cities around the world, Madame Tussauds has opened its 21st branch in Istanbul. With more than 50 lifelike wax figures of prominent Turkish and...

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Flavor Factor Cold weather treats: salep, boza, and kestane

Wandering the thoroughfares of Istanbul, it is hard not to notice how much emphasis there is on food. Wherever you may be, there will be a bakkal - a small corner shop which offers the basics, often including a sandwich using the bread baked daily throughout the city. Then there is the büfe , with...

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Istanbul Living What is Turkish Christmas?

In a country where Christians make up less than 0.2 percent of the population, it is no surprise that most Turks do not celebrate Christmas. The secular alternative of New Year, complete with Christmas-style decorations and parties, has become quite popular in recent years. But Istanbul is still...

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Kardeşim Mantı, Emirgan - photo by Merve Göral
Flavor Factor How to enjoy the ultimate Turkish comfort food this winter

Dating back to the time Turks lived mostly in Central Asia, mantı has long been a staple food in Turkish cuisine. It’s the dish that makes the family gather around the dining table. It’s the dish that you order in when you get midnight food cravings. To a non-Turkish person, mantı can be defined as...

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Begum Khan, photo by Merve Göral
Fashion Discover the nomadic roots in Begum Khan's designs

A small bundle of energy, Begüm Kıroğlu can regularly be seen hurtling through the winding halls of the Grand Bazaar, a stylish figure buzzing past the glittering jewels and centuries-old columns. Her atelier is located close outside these walls, and Kıroğlu knows the area intimately, at once an...

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Cured Palamut recipe, photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink 5 women chefs: culinary journeys and special recipes

While the culinary scene of Istanbul has developed in waves of new openings and exciting flavors, the restaurant world still chiefly remains the domain of men. But this is changing. We interviewed five fascinating women chefs and talked to them about their journeys through the kitchen and business...

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Food & Drink Topaz

With a superb view of the Bosphorus, this fine dining venue has a stylish, minimalist interior with floor to ceiling windows. The bar and lounge is designed by Koray Özgen who took inspiration from the eponymous "topaz" stone for his decor, which is largely geometrical and makes the most of the all...

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Room + Rumours, Nişantaşı, photo by Merve Göral
Shopping Room + Rumours

Since 2013, Room has been Istanbul’s fashion mecca for the trend-savvy. In November 2016, this concept store/showroom moved to a new location designed not only for shopping, but also as an “it” crowd hang out, proving once again that Room’s founders, Deniz Marşan and Başak Dizer Tatlıtuğ, are...

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Rahmi Aksungur
Art Best exhibitions to see in Istanbul now

It might be cold outside, but the city’s cultural life is by no means frozen. Right now, many of Istanbul’s major galleries are featuring varied works, including conceptual sculpture, contemporary art from the Balkans, 19 th -century French Orientalist painting, environmental art, and socially-...

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Food & Drink Explore Turkey’s gastronomical heritage and future with Maksut Aşkar at Neolokal

There is no dull moment in Maksut Aşkar’s bio. He tends to keep himself very busy, and it might come as a surprise that the young-looking, backpack-equipped spirit (as he’s often seen charging around town) is actually celebrating 22 years in the industry this year. Having witnessed the change in...

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Upper Crust, photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink How to find vegan eats in Istanbul

Whether you’re new to the city, or new to the vegan dieting scene and don’t know where to find vegan products in Istanbul, take a peek at our Istanbul vegan tips below.​ In addition to vegetarian and vegan offerings, also need them to be gluten-free and raw? At Bi Nevi Deli , no one gets left out....

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Star (Yıldız Hanım) - Maggie Moore's guide dog, photo by Jane Akatay
Lifestyle Read how Star the dog helped give Turkey better sight

In Turkey, nearly 750,000 people are registered as blind or partially sighted. While the United Kingdom, a country with a similar population, boasts nearly 5,000 guide dog partnerships for their 360,000 visually impaired residents, those in Turkey could only dream of a highly-trained canine to help...

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Gaye Su Akyol photo by Ali Guler
Music Discover Gaye Su Akyol's new album

The title of Gaye Su Akyol’s 2014 album Develerle Yaşıyorum translates as “I’m living with camels.” It is an intriguing choice for Akyol, whose home city of Istanbul is almost 100 percent camel-free. But the title is a perfect match for Akyol’s blend of Turkish classical music, dark rock, and sci-...

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Eşşekhelvası, photo by Merve Göral
Flavor Factor What’s in season: Aegean wild greens

Foraging and eating wild greens has long played a part in Mediterranean culture and cuisine. It’s said that in the Turkish Aegean region though, the use of ege otlari (Aegean wild greens) was massively influenced by the Cretan Turks who returned to Turkey in 1923 with such a strong love of these...

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Frescobol, Kabataş, photo by Merve Göral
Shopping Frescobol

The Frescobol store in Kabataş is an unusual find in Istanbul. Taking its name from the Brazilian version of beach paddle ball, the store does sell frescobol equipment – specifically the small wooden paddles used for the game. However, you’ll also find the walls covered in an array of other rackets...

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Shopi go No: 62, photo by Merve Göral
Shopping Shopi go No. 62

It is not an overstatement to claim that since its opening in 2012, Shopi go has become one of the best curated concept stores in the city. Preferred destination of luxury shoppers and beacon of inspiration for Istanbul creatives, Shopi go’s offline presence has a new physical address in its...

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Shopping Davetçokelbisemyok

The importance of one’s attire can not be underestimated in Turkish culture, and much time and money is spent putting together the perfect ensemble for special occasions. So enters Davetçokelbisemyok. Literally translating to “many invites, no dress,” this service makes getting gussied up a...

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Kirkit Istanbul, photo by Merve Göral
Shopping Kirkit Istanbul

Trendsetting rugs were a near oxymoron before young designer Begüm Cânâ Özgür came along. Named after the Turkish word for a comb used to tighten knots while weaving rugs, her young venture, Kirkit Istanbul, works to combine centuries-old rug traditions of Anatolia with unusual, entrancing weaving...

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İpek Hanım Çiftliği, Balmumcu - Göktürk, photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink İpek Hanım Çiftliği

Filling the kitchen with healthy, organic food can sometimes be a trying experience. We live in an age where ingredient lists are a mile long and dubious organic tags at the supermarket can leave consumers confused. Both the story and purpose of İpek Hanım Çiftliği aim to put an end to these...

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Bülent Eczacıbaşı - photo by Muhsin Akgün
My Istanbul Bülent Eczacıbaşı: from medicine to nourishment for the soul

The Eczacıbaşı family’s rise to fame began 100 years ago in İzmir, where Süleyman Ferit gained the surname - meaning head pharmacist - for his high-quality medicines. His grandson, Bülent Eczacıbaşı, is chairman of Eczacıbaşı Holding, one of Turkey’s largest industrial groups. But among many...

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