Pattis, Kadıköy
Food & Drink Pattis

Not everyone is an early riser, but most people want a decent breakfast for their first meal of the day – and some could do breakfast any time of day. Pattis welcomes all with its rich menu. A hashtag explains it all, #breakfasteverymeal. The spot is far from the crowds, yet quite centrally located...

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Kedi, documentary
Books & Film Kedi: capturing Istanbul’s cats on film

Creeping along the rooftops, slinking between café chairs, lounging on vines, curling up in metro stations, leaping through fish stalls, meditating in mosques – the cats of Istanbul are so familiar to locals that they are part of the urban fabric, indispensably entwined with its mercurial moods....

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Watergarden, Ataşehir
Shopping Watergarden

Kids and adults alike quickly tire of spending precious family time in ordinary shopping malls. Watergarden ups the ante with indoor and outdoor playgrounds, parks, event areas, restaurants, and much more. The first features that will elicit oohs and aahs are the water, fire, and laser shows. You...

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Art How one Turkish artist changed the art game in Turkey

Artist Feyhaman Duran, now the subject of a large exhibition at the Sabancı Museum, is one of Turkey’s talented curiosities. Born in the Ottoman Empire, made in the Turkish Republic, master of Arabic calligraphy and Western painting, trained in Istanbul and Paris – Duran’s life combines many...

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istanbul Toy Museum
Istanbul with kids #Istanbulwithkids: winter break

Running January 20 to February 6, the winter break is a great opportunity for kids to have fun and learn new things at the same time. Whether you’re a hands-on parent or a relaxed one, our suggestions for this year’s winter break might be the answer to all your concerns. Akbank Sanat Akbank Sanat...

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Ahmet Güneştekin
Art Ahmet Güneştekin: southeastern colors

Coming from Turkey’s southeastern Batman province, a self-taught artist finds success on the international art scene – this isn’t a story we hear every day. Ahmet Güneştekin is the protagonist of this tale, which begins with the legends and mythology of the Near East, wanders through the melting...

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Hünkar, Nişantaşı
Food & Drink Top 7 soup spots in Istanbul

No doubt about it, now is the perfect season to be sipping a steaming bowl of hot soup. Luckily for us, Istanbul is full of diverse, stomach-warming options to bolster our souls against the cold. Here are a few of our favorites. Kapta Soupasta You can’t go wrong with the healthy options here, like...

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Havan'dan by Beff Gourmet
Food & Drink Havan'dan by Beff Gourmet

Reşitpaşa is gaining popularity with a rash of recent new openings and Havan’dan by Beff Gourmet is the latest addition to the excitement. Decorated with bright colors and striking features like a chandelier made of kitchen whisks, this distinctive, lovely eatery is in contrast with the rest of the...

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Turkish AFAD
Practical information How to be ready for an earthquake

Istanbul is located on the axis of a great fault line, making it a city exposed to a greater chance of an earthquake. If you haven’t had the chance to participate in a professional training preparing you for such emergency, this article covers preparation basics. Preparing in advance is a crucial...

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Yeniköy Lokantası
Food & Drink Yeniköy Lokantası

Combining homey food and a cozy atmosphere, Yeniköy Lokantası has recently opened as a small eatery on the second floor of a building behind Yeniköy Port. Ditch the menu and ask for the daily zeytinyağlı (olive oil) dishes. Produce comes from the Aegean region, is picked in season and preserved for...

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Balkan Ateşi
Music A taste of Balkan Fire from Turkey and Macedonia​

Clarinetist Serkan Çağrı is taking the stage on January 27 with Yarkın Rhythm Group and Macedonian Roma band Kocani Orkestar in a concert called “ Balkan Fire ”. Though you might think there is only one Balkan group among them, geographically they are all from the Balkans: Çağrı is from Turkish...

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Istanbul layover
Practical information How NOT to get stuck at the airport during a layover

Getting stuck with a long layover sounds about as exciting as a trip to the mall. However, Istanbul offers a lot for those who find themselves with a long waiting period between flights at one of the busiest airport hubs in Europe. Take a look at our guide for the best ways to discover Istanbul in...

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Zorlu PSM, Yeni Yıl Yeni Umutlar
Arts & Culture Opera stars rain on Istanbul in 2017

Although it may just be a date on the calendar, many of us see the New Year as a chance for better things in the months ahead. The saying is “start as you mean to go on,” and for that reason Zorlu PSM is starting with an unforgettable display of opera: “ New Year, New Hopes ”. With world-class...

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Nur Muhammed, Fatih - photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink Nur Muhammed

Despite the variety of Asian cuisines on offer in Istanbul, few people have heard of the city’s only Malaysian restaurant, Nur Muhammed. This is a shame, as the restaurant boasts excellent food, a historic location, and a beautiful building.​ Nur Muhammed is located in the Karagümrük neighborhood...

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Art One camera, three cities: Istanbul, Tbilisi, Baku

The complex geography of Southeastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Caucasus has been united and separated under many empires over the centuries. Current politics divides these regions on the basis of nation and religion, but that was not always the case. In his exhibition ArTriangle “City...

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Food & Drink Most romantic restaurants in Istanbul for Valentine's Day

Istanbul is many things - old, chaotic, refreshing, calming, unnerving - but it is always romantic. Whether you aready have a significant other in your life, or you’re meeting someone for the first time, or you’re just hanging out with your best friends, here are some of the most romantic...

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Epiphany, Photo by Merve Göral
Culture & history Epiphany in Istanbul: a cold swim for the cross

If you had been on Fener pier on January 6 last year, you would have seen an unusual sight: men wearing only swimming trunks as they waited in small boats on the Golden Horn. While the whole city was wrapped up in coats and scarves, these men seemed to be untouched by the cold. Perhaps the...

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Food & Drink Soerabeol

When the chilling winter winds of Istanbul blow blustery through the streets, our thoughts turn to the fiery dishes of South Korea and we head to the welcoming lights of Soerabeol. Opened earlier this year by a Korean couple, this is a restaurant that offers few frills but copious amounts of soju (...

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Arts & Culture Roger Ballen’s surreal South Africa at Istanbul Modern

Roger Ballen is undoubtedly one of the most influential photographers of the 21 st century, making the Istanbul Modern exhibition “Roger Ballen: Retrospective” mandatory viewing for all art appreciators in the city. Publishing his first book, Boyhood , in 1979, over the following decades Ballen...

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Culture & history Texts of time: Istanbul's living libraries

One of the earliest inventions of civilization is the written word itself, as well as buildings designed to house the most important documents. The value of learning was so great for ancient civilizations that the Library of Alexandria was known as a wonder of the world; after this library’s...

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Quince season
Flavor Factor What's in season: quince

When discussing winter fruits in Turkey, quince is one of the first that come to mind. Now, it’s quince’s time to shine in all the local markets. The fruit has a unique, perfumy taste unlike any other. It is also a great immune system booster, providing you with more than 20 percent of your daily...

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Food & Drink Salep: A Winter Warmer

Picture a steep street in Istanbul’s old city, the cobbled ground and colorful wooden houses, masked by a light frosting of snow. Feathery snowflakes continue to fall, taken by the swirling wind on a merry dance, before coming to rest on warm woolen hats. Night is falling and tired workers brace...

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Seyhan Arman, photo by Merve Göral
Books & Film Is there a hopeful future for the trans community in Turkey?

Actress Seyhan Arman has found acclaim for her lead role in Merve Gezen’s short film Nerdesin Aşkım? (Where are you my love?), which won the Canada International Film Festival’s 2016 Perfection Award and the Human Rights Prize at the 2016 Atlas Awards. This is the brief, bitter story of two...

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Culture & history Kalenderhane Mosque (Church of Theotokos Kyriotissa)

Kalenderhane Mosque is a 12th-century building located in the picturesque Vefa district, close to the Beyazıt tram stop and the Vezneciler metro station. This mosque is one of Istanbul's many that occupy a former Byzantine church. Restoration work in the 1970s uncovered frescoes that indicate an...

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