Erdem Helvacıoğlu, Turkish Experimental Music
Music New anthology dives into Turkish experimental music

It can’t be said that experimental electronic or electroacoustic music is very well known anywhere in the world - and that might be especially true of Turkey. With that in mind, the Sub Rosa label’s new album Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014 is filling an important gap in global...

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Ahmet Ümit, photo by Merve Göral
Books & Film Ahmet Ümit talks about Istanbul's vibrancy, history, dark side

Ahmet Ümit’s latest novel, Farewell, My Beloved Homeland , has sold over 2 million copies since its release in December 2015. Ranked the most translated Turkish author in 2014, Ümit’s reputation stretches across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Given this popularity, it is tempting to put his...

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How to get residence permit in Istanbul
Practical information Residence permits in Istanbul: All you need to know

Dear reader, please note that this article is strictly informational . For details we advise you to direct all your questions to the Directorate General of the Migration Management located on Vatan Caddesi No. 64 in Istanbul. They will be able to address all concerns you might have. Most foreigners...

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Baybars Örsek and Batuhan Ersun
Lifestyle Young Turks: making difference one click at a time

A more tolerant, accountable political landscape in Turkey? It’s possible, and it’s happening. We spoke to Baybars Örsek and Batuhan Ersun of the Dialogue for a Common Future Association, whose innovative, non-partisan approach fuels debate and transparency. They also run Doğruluk Payı, Turkey’s...

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Culture & history Top 7 Istanbul museums

Archaeology Museum Founded in 1881 by the eminent painter, architect, and Renaissance man Osman Hamdi Bey, this often overlooked site is actually a group of three museums: the Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Orient Museum, and the Tiled Kiosk Museum. The Museum’s holdings constitute the best...

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Burhan Sönmez, Istanbul Istanbul
Books & Film Istanbul Istanbul: tales from the underground

Burhan Sönmez’s third novel presents a theme that is all too familiar to intellectuals in Turkey: political imprisonment. For almost a century, the country has seen the sufferings of cultural icons such as Nazım Hikmet, Orhan Kemal, and Yılmaz Güney. It is a topic that touches on Sönmez’s own past...

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Le Meridien Etiler, Explore Spa & Fitness
Wellbeing & Beauty Explore Spa & Fitness

Situated at Le Méridien Istanbul Etiler, Explore Spa offers everything you might need from a spa. With local touches like a Turkish hammam and additions such as a fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the facility is a well-equipped holistic wellness center. To really discover the...

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Açık Radyo
Music Istanbul celebrates 20 years of Open Radio

If variety is the spice of life, then we might say that our views, hobbies, and interests are the salt and pepper on our personalities. Despite the trove of niche topics on the Internet we still discover many of these things by word of mouth. So what if you could tune in to those passionate voices...

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Murat Germen
Art Turkish artists join forces for school in Kilis

“Can art really change the world?” There is no doubt that art can be beautiful, insightful, and disturbing, but at some point every art appreciator will have asked this question to the mirror. If your conscience is still grappling with the problem then you might find some solace at an upcoming...

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Fava beans, bakla
Food & Drink What's in season: fava beans

Fava beans are one of the oldest documented foods in history. Their remains have been found in the earliest human settlements, remnants even being found in Egyptian tombs. These bright green, creamy-tasting morsels are well worth all the effort you have to put into freeing them from their shells,...

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Atölye Istanbul
Istanbul Living 3 co-working places that will make you want to work

Are you happy with the office where you work? Does the lighting make you more productive? Is your chair ergonomic enough? These are questions to be asked about your office environment whether you are a freelancer, an employer, or an employee. The way people work has changed a lot over the course of...

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Tangala Goat Farm
Flavor Factor Tangala cheese: goats can make your dreams come true

If you’ve heard that eating cheese before bedtime causes vivid dreams, you may want to consider those of a remarkable woman called Buket Ulukut. This artisan cheese aficionado and dynamic thirty-something owner of Tangala Goat Farm was so inspired by cheese, it’s taken her on a mission half way up...

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90's Turkish underground music
Music What happened to music in Turkey in the '90s?

In 1990, a fifth-floor apartment in Cihangir overlooking the Bosphorus was home to a scruffy venue known as Bilsak, among the first to provide a space for the city's fledgling underground scene. Tolga Güldallı's first underground music experience took place there that year, where at the age of 14...

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Basta! Street Food Bar, Kadıköy
Food & Drink Basta! Street Food Bar

Basta! takes haute cuisine down to street level. Nicole Restaurant’s former chef Kaan Sakarya, along with chef Derin Arıbaş, opened the street food joint in Kadıköy late April. In a busy area with a short menu, Basta! is sure to get people talking with its mix of fine flavors and simple...

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Tables of Istanbul
Books & Film Is Istanbul cuisine different than Turkish cuisine?

For the world outside of Turkey, the words “Turkish cuisine” usually conjure a very limited set of images: kebab, baklava, and Turkish delight. If you say “Istanbul cuisine”, most people probably assume that it is the same. Istanbul is part of Turkey, right? As Dr. Zeynep Kılıç explores in her film...

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Feriye Palace
Food & Drink Feriye Palace

Dining right by the Bosphorus is a privilege. Where in world can you have two continents lay in front of you so breathtakingly? There are only a handful of options to eat with the view just like emperors did ages ago and Feriye Palace has just become our latest favorite with its new menu and design...

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Mari, Beyoğlu - Meyhane
Food & Drink Mari

In late 2015, a restaurant opened relatively quietly in the heart of Beyoğlu. It’s called Mari. The creators, as it turns out, used to operate the kitchen of Istanbul’s beloved Mekan. So, with famed members of the city’s culinary scene, a great location just off Istiklal, and of course great food,...

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La Patisserie Lune, Nişantaşı
Food & Drink La Patisserie Lune

Can having tea-time and desserts in style be wrong? Of course not. And La Patisserie Lune in Nişantaşı makes it possible. This cute little bakery and teahouse makes 5 o’clock peaceful and elegant. Decorated with vibrant colors, the cafe lifts your spirits as soon as you step in. While it may look...

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Au Vintage, Bebek
Shopping Au Vintage

Off Bebek’s main street and
away from busy shoppers and restaurant-goers, you’ll find the showroom of Au Vintage. The shop is located in a basement apartment in one of the neighborhood's mid-century buildings, many of which are home to exclusive boutiques. This one, however, is a little different...

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Cutie Cake Co, Arnavutköy
Food & Drink Cutie Cake Co.

Tuğana Okan is channeling her passion for the art of pastry through Cutie Cake Co., a little shop in Arnavutköy. The moment you step inside, you realize that there couldn’t be any other color palette than the bright pastels she has chosen. Later, when you take a look at the display cabinet full of...

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Lütfiye, Çiftehavuzlar
Food & Drink lutfiye

Since the early days of the Turkish Republic, lutfiye
 has been producing jams, marmalades, and Turkish delights in Amasra. The family behind the brand has kept the traditional production process, generation after generation. Fruits picked by locals in Amasra prepared with these historical recipes...

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Lokanta Armut, photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink Lokanta Armut

Lokanta Armut has been on The Guide Istanbul’s must-visit list for a while — never quite on the way, therefore always getting pushed down the priority list. Upon visiting, the place has instantly become one of our favorite spots in the city. If we had known what to expect from this detour, we would...

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Yedikule bostanları
Istanbul Living The famous lettuce of Istanbul’s 1,500-year-old gardens

The landscape on the western edge of Istanbul’s old city is unlike anywhere else in the world: alongside the crumbling but still impressive Byzantine walls is an oasis of small farms, each bursting with figs, herbs, artichokes, flowers, and lettuce. Local people have been farming these urban...

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Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, Halit Ergenç
Arts & Culture Turkish TV series: a craze spreading far and wide

Turkish TV series have become widely popular in recent years and have conquered audiences in the Balkans and the Middle East. Since 2014, the craze has spread to Latin America where telenovelas have been replaced with Turkish soap operas and where parents even name their children after the stars of...

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