Art Finest exhibitions in Istanbul to see this February

February is not a likely contender for most popular month of the year – insincere New Year’s resolutions have been broken, summer still seems far away, and there are no public holidays in sight. So why not revive your ailing spirits with a crop of fresh art, bursting through the cold ground like...

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Culture & history From Topkapı to Turkmenistan: Turkish World Culture Quarter

Topkapı Türk Dünyası (Topkapı Turkish World) offers a glimpse into the Turkic states of Europe and Central Asia, from Northern Cyprus to Kazakhstan and everything in between.

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Music What do Tarantino and Zeki Müren have in common? "Misirlou"

It’s hard to forget the opening scene of Pulp Fiction : a diner, scruffy sweet-talking lovers, a heist, and some wild music to kick it off. The 1994 film begins with a reverb-drenched guitar, climbing an eastern scale with rapid picking. As the slapping drums kick in and the guitar leaps to the...

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Food & Drink Where to eat in February

TOI Executive chef and part-owner İsmet Saz learnt the ways of the kitchen under gastronomy leaders Carlo Bernardini and Gordon Ramsay. Unlike other restaurants, everything is prepared on the premises from the butter to that aged steak you’ll be eyeing. And if you don’t believe it, grab a seat at...

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Books & Film Innocence of Memories: director Grant Gee in Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul

In interviews, Orhan Pamuk has said that his memories of old Istanbul are so entangled with Ara Güler’s photographs that he cannot distinguish the two in his mind. British director Grant Gee was reading Pamuk when he first visited the city, making his film Innocence of Memories a triple-distilled...

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Gülçin Çengel
Shopping 2016 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is upon, which means making reservations at a fancy restaurant , picking a gift, and, since February 14 is on a Sunday this year, planning a weekend getaway . It can be a struggle sometimes to choose a gift for someone you know very well - luckily, Istanbul is full of unique...

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Culture & history An Istanbul diary from 1935

Old issues of The Guide Istanbul are full of treasures. This one, the second in our series of articles from our archives, is the story of a diary written in 1935 by a German visitor to Istanbul, discovered decades later by photographer Mesut Ilgım. More than 80 years have passed since the diary was...

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Raffles Valentine's Day
Istanbul Living Valentine's Day 2016 in Istanbul

For most couples, celebrating Valentine’s Day is a big dilemma. Luckily, if you are one of those who has decided to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, Istanbul has a lot to offer. And, since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, you might want to turn it into a whole Valentine’s...

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The Residents
Books & Film Sneak peek at !f Istanbul 2016

The !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival is back for its fifteenth edition this year, bringing us another crop of the world’s finest independent films, from February 18-28. As in previous years, this is the city’s best chance to see award-winning films from foreign festivals as well as alternative...

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Istanbul after dark Where to drink in February

Efendi The next time you want a cocktail outside the world of Old Fashioneds and Gin and Tonics, head over to Efendi. Mixologist Uğur “Dede” Tekebaş will mix something that you have surely never tasted before. Whether you are into herb-infused or sweet and light mixes, you will want to stop by the...

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Food & Drink Top 7 romantic restaurants in Istanbul for Valentine's Day

Istanbul is many things - old, chaotic, refreshing, calming, unnerving - but it is always romantic. And, with Valentine’s Day approaching, we want you to make the most of it. Whether you already have a significant other in your life, or you’re meeting someone for the first time, or you’re just...

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Istanbul after dark Külhanbeyi

If you are the 25th person to go to Külhanbeyi, they may say "We're sorry" and you'll have to find another place to drink that night. With a "first come, first served" policy and only 24 seats available, Külhanbeyi is a one-of-a-kind bar in Asmalımescit. On top of this policy, the place has no...

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White Posture
Fashion The white standard

The white shirt has long been an indicator of high status and quality. Its symbolism and long history mean that it can describe a society like no other everyday wardrobe element. Today, this simple and often unacknowledged garment unites people of various occupations, opinions, and backgrounds,...

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Art Mind-warping photographs of Istanbul: Aydın Büyüktaş's "Flatland"

Photographer Aydın Büyüktaş has created composite photographs that make us reimagine the landmarks of Istanbul.

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Food & Drink TOI

TOI is a place you'll visit once - and immediately wish you could come every month. Or week. And, if you're lucky enough to be one of the regular customers, you will end up doing exactly that. TOI is part-owned and run by executive chef İsmet Saz, who earned his stripes in the kitchens of icons...

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Istanbul with kids #istanbulwithkids Uniq Istanbul: everything under one roof

Arts, culture and entertainment center for kids with permanent and temporary activities under one roof: Harika Matematik shows kids how to have fun with math, and the Da Vinci Learning workshop area is filled with rich art content. And last but not least, the enormous Trampoline Park.

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Shopping Best Online Fashion Stores In Turkey

Istanbul is a shopping paradise, no doubt about that. From the hip boutiques in Galata to the prestigious up-market malls like İstinyePark and Zorlu Center the city offers a myriad of temptations to loose your head and your savings over. But let’s face it, sometimes it is so much more satisfying to...

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istanbul Toy Museum
Istanbul with kids #Istanbulwithkids: winter break

Running from January 22 to February 8, the winter break is a great opportunity for kids to have fun and learn new things at the same time. Whether you’re a hands-on mom who likes to keep an eye on her dearest, or a relaxed dad who values his time with kids as much as the time spent with grown-ups,...

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Talk of the table What's in season: oranges

Icy wind and snow never seem as bleak as they could do when you catch sight of a neatly arranged pile of oranges on a juice-seller’s table. Grown in the warmer coastal parts of the country, especially around İzmir, Antalya, and Adana, oranges are a welcome staple in the cold months. Because they’re...

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Songs about Istanbul
Music Top 7 songs about Istanbul

The interlaced histories and cultures of Europe, Africa, and Asia have carried many musical traditions to Istanbul, mixing together Byzantine, Turkish, Arabic, Sephardic, Roma, and Greek styles. In more recent times, classical music, jazz, opera, rock, hip-hop, and electronic music have found their...

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Food & Drink Top 7 Kadıköy Coffee Places

Kadıköy and charming neighborhood Moda is filled with coffee shops. We explored the area, tried every single one of them, and picked our favorites.

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Datlı Maya
Talk of the table Eating clean in Istanbul

Everyone’s familiar with the upsides of eating organic. Aside from the food generally tasting better, the health benefits of eating food grown without pesticides are pretty hard to argue with. What’s even harder to argue with are the damaging effects pesticides have on soil. Of course everyone...

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Culture & history Open your ears to Everyday Sounds in Istanbul

Photographer Ara Güler has been nicknamed “the eye of Istanbul” for his legendary pictures of the city. But if Güler is the eye, then who is the city’s ear? The exhibition Everyday Sounds at the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (RCAC) , running until March 20, opens our ears to the...

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Music Different City, Different Mood: the third album from jazzman Alper Yılmaz

Istanbul and jazz have much in common - a fusion of cultures and languages, constant improvisation, raw energy and pockets of calm. Moving from Ankara to California, New York, and Istanbul, bassist and composer Alper Yılmaz’s latest album Different City, Different Mood is a musical expression of...

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