Biorealize - Istanbul Design Biennial
Design What does Dr. Frankenstein eat for breakfast?

Turkish artist, designer, and researcher Orkan Telhan’s official title is Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. However, his name on the street is likely to become “Profesor Simit.” Using a machine he built and calls the Microbial Design Studio, Telhan will produce 30...

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Food & Drink Top 7 Turkish breakfast places

You can barely walk one city block without going past a cafe serving kahvaltı (breakfast). To help you choose from this wide overwhelming array, we've chosen the best seven places to eat traditional Turkish breakfast in Istanbul. Make sure you go hungry: from jams and pastries to fine cheeses and...

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Rainy day, Istanbul - photo by Merve Göral
Istanbul Living Best rainy day activities in Istanbul

When the sun isn't shining on Istanbul, and the idea of strolling around its diverse neighborhoods isn't so appealing, there are still plenty of places to make a dash for. Here are our top 7 rainy day activities in Istanbul (in no particular order). 1. If you happen to be in Istanbul during...

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Hagia Sophia
Sports & Skills In Dan Brown's footsteps: a tour of Inferno's sights

Dan Brown’s fourth novel in the Robert Langdon series, Inferno , topped bestseller lists everywhere since its publication in May 2013 and, as many are now aware, is partially set in Istanbul. As with two of Brown's previous books, Inferno is now hitting the big screen with Tom Hanks and a new...

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Food & Drink Best spots to get your daily bread in Istanbul

Naan Bakeshop Operating since 2006, this uniquely quaint bakery prides itself on being the first to bring artisanal bread to metropolitan Istanbul. Naan is well known in Kadıköy for its innovative gourmet breakfasts and deliciously rustic sourdough bread. Moda Caddesi No.113, Kadıköy; T: (0850) 221...

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Mavi Bisiklet, Blue Bicycle - Köneken
Books & Film Anatolian children fight for justice at global film festivals

Much like the dark undercurrents in our childhood fairytales, the most memorable children’s movies do not shy away from issues in the adult world. The success of director Ümit Köreken’s film Blue Bicycle , which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, comes from a subtle, layered approach to the...

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Culture & history Zanaat Atelye, Cafe & Carton-Pierre Museum

Through a hidden entrance on Boğazkesen Caddesi is an oasis of calm: the Zanaat Atelye Cafe (Artisan's Workshop Cafe). The 19th-century building used to be a French orphanage, and visitors can enjoy tea, coffee, or beer on the spacious porch or in the secluded garden. The owners keep chickens and...

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Food & Drink Is Aşure the world’s oldest dessert?

You may be seeing bowls of what looks like porridge being passed around the table this month. This is a dessert called aşure, also known as ‘Noah’s Pudding,’ because it was allegedly after Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey that it was first created, using up the supplies...

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Ahmet Güneştekin, The Poetics of Mythology
Art Ahmet Güneştekin: southeastern colors

Coming from Turkey’s southeastern Batman province, a self-taught artist finds success on the international art scene – this isn’t a story we hear every day. Ahmet Güneştekin is the protagonist of this tale, which begins with the legends and mythology of the Near East, wanders through the melting...

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Food & Drink Goya

Kemankeş Caddesi is home to some of Karaköy’s most established locations, so when a new place opens up on that street it looks a bit like a strategic move. Goya’s opening didn’t go unnoticed. “Fancy,” they said. “Too upscale for Karaköy,” they said. But at the end of the day, “they” enjoyed the Ya­...

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How to get residence permit in Istanbul
Practical information Residence permits in Istanbul: All you need to know

Dear reader, please note that this article is strictly informational . For details we advise you to direct all your questions to the Directorate General of the Migration Management located on Vatan Caddesi No. 64 in Istanbul. They will be able to address all concerns you might have. Most foreigners...

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HH Hair Design Ulus
Wellbeing & Beauty Best hairdressers and barbers in Istanbul

Unless they have dreadlocks or live a life of self-sufficiency in Belgrad Forest, most long-term visitors to Istanbul will feel the pressing need for some professional hair attention. Luckily, the city has many locales for you to find the right kuaför , from traditional to modern and budget to high...

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Hazer Amani
Lifestyle How Chef Hazer Amani cooks at the intersection of cuisines

Globetrotting Turkish chef Hazer Amani went from a sociology degree at Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) to excel at Cordon Bleu school in Cape Town and returned as executive chef of Istanbul’s Chilai restaurant. His Iranian father, Turkish mother, French training, and South African...

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Meriç Vitrin Mankenleri
Neighborhoods Discover the old spirit and new galleries of Dolapdere

Although it is only a five-minute walk from Taksim, the Dolapdere neighborhood does not appear in any tour brochure and most visitors will only see it through the window of a bus from the airport. Similar to the nearby Tarlabaşı area, the old Greek and Levantine houses of Dolapdere were abandoned...

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Sports & Skills Top 7 running routes

Now is the perfect time for you to get out of the confines of your gym and embrace the outside world as your treadmill. As milder weather arrives in Istanbul, running becomes a great way to both exercise and take in the sights of the city. Istanbul's many parks, neighborhoods, and paths make it a...

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Hotels Raffles Istanbul Zorlu Center

Raffles Istanbul Zorlu Center combines inspiring architecture with the meticulous “passion to exceed” service that the Raffles brand is famous for. Centrally located within the Zorlu Center complex, the property is connected to all major districts of Istanbul via a transport hub located within...

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Food & Drink Colonie

Colonie is the restaurant/bar venture from the owners of Çırağan’s fine dining Topaz restaurant. In keeping with the rejuvenated creative neighborhood of this venue, the industrial-chic atmosphere of the restaurant echoes the rapidly gentrifying port area around it. The concrete floors, gray-washed...

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Small Projects Istanbul
Lifestyle Ethical tourism helps refugees at Small Projects Istanbul

It is doubtful that anyone with a TV or Internet connection could miss the heart-breaking images of refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war. Istanbul alone is home to around 500,000 Syrian refugees, many of whom struggle to find humane work and educational opportunities in their new country. Located in...

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Ali Haydar - best kebab in Istanbul
Food & Drink Best kebab restaurants in Istanbul

While there is great breadth and depth to the cuisine here, kebabs might still be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Turkish dining. Fair dues, there does seem to be a kebab place on every corner - but not all meat is created equal, and every region has its own special style. Here...

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Kemer Golf Country Club, photo by Merve Göral
Sports & Skills How to go horseback riding in Istanbul

For a sport that allows you to be in close contact with nature, gives you an immense feeling of freedom, and helps build a close relationship with a beautiful animal, look no further than horseback riding. Take up this hobby at any age by starting with the essentials. Children between four and...

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Burgerhood, Nişantaşı - photo by Merve Göral
Food & Drink Burgerhood

“Original taste for real burger lovers” is a motto that promises much, and Teşvikiye’s new burger joint delivers on its adage. First off, Burgerhood fits right into current local food trends. All cuts of meat are chosen from quality, local butcher shops, prepared and seasoned in-house to avoid...

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Meze, photo by Merve Göral
Flavor Factor Everything you need to know about meze

A beginner’s guide to meyhane: meze By now, you know a meyhane is a crucial part of Turkish nightlife and you want to try one out. But what to do about that glass display counter filled with a kaleidoscope of dishes that the waiters keep pointing you towards? They’re sure to be packed with meze –...

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Boğaziçi Paws, photo by Merve Göral
Istanbul Living How Boğaziçi Paws has created a sanctuary for dogs and humans

You hear them before you make it up the hill. One low bark breaks the idyllic quiet of Boğaziçi University’s backwoods, quickly followed by a rousing, rising chorus. Soon, flop-eared mutts appear in the distance, bounding towards us with mouths open in ridiculous grins. Crowding about our heels,...

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Islamic designs
Arts & Culture Magical geometry: innovation is at the heart of Islamic design

For visitors to Istanbul, Sultanahmet Mosque is high on the list of tourist attractions. Besides the mosque’s exquisite tiles, there is an order that brings the architecture, lighting, floral designs, and calligraphy into a perfect whole. This is the secret of Islamic geometry, and designer Eric...

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