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Istanbul Living Top 7 favorite snaps from our Instagram

Millions of photos are shared on every channel of social media; moments immortalized by the click of a digital shutter. How far we've come over the centuries. On August 19, 1839, the patent for the first practical photographic process was bought by the French government and announced as a gift "...

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Bakırköy, Vue Lounge
Neighborhoods Bakırköy neighborhood guide

Mostly a residential area, Bakırköy has a different pattern than the rest of the city. Unlike the central parts of Istanbul, Bakırköy has managed to keep its unique neighborhood feel. Here, people are not strangers to each other, they love their neighborhood, and are a part of it. The locals and...

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Özdemir Erdoğan, photo by IKSV
Music Master of jazz in Turkey: Özdemir Erdoğan

While fresh talent is always springing from the ground of Turkey, we should also not forget the tall oaks that have stood the test of time. This year Özdemir Erdoğan was the recipient of the Istanbul Jazz Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his well-loved compositions that...

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Culture & history Museum break: cool museums to beat the summer heat

In Istanbul, summers are hot and tourists are plentiful, but there are few places you can go for a break from the crowds and the temperatures while enjoying some of the best sights the city has to offer. Take one of the many boats traveling up the Bosphorus to the village of Beylerbeyi on the Asian...

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Flavor Factor What's in season: fig

Walk down nearly any small street in Istanbul, and a distinct sweet and heady perfume wafts through the late summer afternoons. Hooray! Figs have arrived. Though the dried renditions are available year-round, there’s nothing quite like biting into a fresh, perfectly ripe fig. It’s honeyed fragrance...

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Veysel Berk, photo by Merve Göral
Lifestyle Veysel Berk: making ideas a reality

In Turkey, it is hard to come by a resume like Veysel Berk’s, filled with Boğaziçi University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Berkeley along with start-ups, which have raised millions of dollars of investment. One might even call him an inventor and a genius. Since there is no...

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Bozlu Art Project
Art A castle of art in Şişli: Bozlu Art Project

If we look beyond the world-famous sites, Istanbul’s magic is found in the many treasures hidden among the backstreets of its residential areas. The Mongeri Building in Şişli , with its domed turret and tiled decorations, is among the most fantastical of these forgotten heirlooms. Named after its...

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Ahmet Öğüt
Art 3 new exhibitions at Alt Bomonti resist the obvious

Appropriately for a space whose name means “under” in Turkish, Alt is indeed underground. But its latest exhibition, featuring artists Ahmet Öğüt, Marwa Arsanios, and Allora & Calzadilla, also draws on this location to excavate under the society of the spectacle and uncover some truths in its...

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Bankalar Lokantası, Istanbul
Food & Drink Istanbul's lokanta culture through history

A nation’s language is a deeper part of its identity than superficial changes in art, music, or fashion. Another cultural constant is food, recipes passed down from generation to generation. So why do Istanbul’s eateries describe themselves with French loanwords such as büfe and restoran – what...

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Kropka, Kadıköy
Food & Drink Top 7 coffee shops perfect for working and hanging out

Coffee shops don’t always encourage one to linger when you’re hoping to work, or just want a comfortable spot to read a book. Here are our picks for the best spots to sip a cup of Joe and spend time getting down to business. Tea or Coffee Located in the heart of Cihangir, Tea or Coffee lives up to...

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Sound pool, Alaçatı
The coasts of Turkey How to spend the perfect weekend in Çeşme and around

An increased interest of Istanbulites’ in the Çeşme peninsula in recent years is undeniable. As a result of this rising popularity, plenty of restaurants, bars, beach clubs, and other venues have opened in the coastal town of İzmir – and continue to open around the region. Although we think the...

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Aubergines eggplant season in Istanbul
Flavor Factor What's in season: eggplant

The family name of the eggplant species bodes ominously for a fruit that much of the nation chows down on weekly. Part of the nightshades family, also referred to as deadly nightshades, the plant was shunned when it arrived in Europe from Asia, thought to be poisonous due to its bright colors. In...

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No Fish Today, Nişantaşı
Food & Drink No Fish Today

Lively street of Nişantaşı, Atiye Sokak houses many great restaurants and has been a local favorite since the dawn of time. No Fish Today is just the kind of place, which elevates the overall energy of the street. Brainchild of the owners of upstairs neighbor The House Café, No Fish Today is a café...

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Vintage Istanbul, Balat
Shopping Your grandma would approve: vintage shopping in Balat

On the serene streets of Balat, you’ll find old coffee houses, vine leaves, a türbe and plenty of old men drinking tea. It has the uncluttered feel of a place where people take things a little more slowly than the rest of Istanbul. The whole neighborhood feels like the perfect setting for a period...

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Art This art installation transformed a lost Byzantine monastery

Exiting at Küçükyalı metro station on a busy motorway and walking through a neighborhood of concrete apartment blocks on Istanbul’s Asian side could put you almost anywhere in this modern city. All the more remarkable, then, when the ruins of the grandest monastery from 9 th-century Istanbul appear...

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Talk of the table Top 7 restaurants showcasing Istanbul’s shores

Summer is in high gear, which means as many meals as possible should be enjoyed with sparkling views of the water and breezes kissing the nape of our necks. Here are a handful of favorite spots to enjoy Istanbul’s epic straits and seas. Aqua Contemporary Italian cuisine served on a relaxed,...

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Bozburun Yatch
The coasts of Turkey How to spend all summer on deck: Turkey's cruising routes

It never fails. The weather gets hot, and the lure of the sea is hard to resist. Explore the secrets of the Turkish coast by boat, rocked gently by the Aegean and cooled by its blessed breezes. Here are some of the best routes to take. The cruising coast of Turkey is universally acknowledged to be...

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Istanbul with kids #Istanbulwithkids: get your kids moving

Summer camp can involve anything from sending your children solo to a remote location, a family trip into the unknown or a series of day activities right here in the city – as long as your children’s brains and bodies are occupied. If you haven’t thought about summer plans, here are our last-minute...

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Open air spa at The Ritz-Carlton
Wellbeing & Beauty Open air spa at The Ritz-Carlton

There is no rule that spa facilities must be located on the bottom floors or under the buildings, yet 99 percent of them are. Let’s talk about the remaining one percent then – Istanbul’s only open-air spa, located at The Ritz-Carlton hotel . The outdoor alternative to classical therapies has been a...

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Food & Drink Karletto

Pop-ups are an Istanbul thing. Since location is key to success in the city, many experiment with new concepts and ideas before making the leap to brick-and-mortar spots. So has renowned chef Carlo Bernardini embraced this movement by taking over the rooftop of Vault Karaköy hotel and turning it...

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Food & Drink Ahali 279

Ahali can be defined as “a group of people who share no common qualities aside from being in the same place” in Turkish. That’s what Ahali 279 is all about. Here, you’ll find one long table down the middle, meant to bring together a group of strangers, compelling them to share the experience of...

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The coasts of Turkey Dikencik Cottages: an escape of orchids and wild mushrooms

It is a charmed air that surrounds Dikecik Cottages. Located along a country lane that connects the pint-sized community of Yeşilüzümlü with the even smaller one of Ortaköy, a journey here leaves Turkey’s coastal tourism far behind. Instead, the landscape is ensconced in swaths of pine forests and...

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Wellbeing & Beauty 5 Istanbul spas that rejuvenate in style

Who doesn’t like to escape all the rush and noise of the city, to unwind and relax for an hour or two? In other words, who doesn’t love a spa session? A city like Istanbul sets a fast pace that has everyone trying to catch up. This makes regular spa visits nearly mandatory - and luckily, there is...

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Art “Emotion Commune” streams South Korea’s smart city to Istanbul

Interconnectivity of networks, free capital flows, ergonomic efficiency from mind to interface to production: these are the catchphrases of the digital world that is rapidly encasing our workplaces, homes, and bodies. New York-based artist Mika Tajima has examined these dizzying developments in her...

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