• PWA World Cup with Olympic windsurfer Jimmy Diaz

    PWA World Cup with Olympic windsurfer Jimmy Diaz

    The Professional Windsurfing Association World Cup is in Alaçatı again this year - see what chairman Jimmy Diaz says about the competition.
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  • Pan-Pot at Minipax Festival 2015

    Pan-Pot at Minipax Festival 2015

    Pan-Pot, the electronic music duo hailing from Berlin, will be performing at Minipax Festival at Suma Beach on August 22nd.
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  • Neverwhere - Australia in Turkey 2015

    Neverwhere - Australia in Turkey 2015

    As part of this year's cultural interchange between Australia and Turkey, a group of Australian artists are performing an exploration of history and nation.
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  • Join The Guide Istanbul team!

    Join The Guide Istanbul team!

    As we approach our 25th anniversary, we are looking to expand our team of contributors. Interns, writers, photographers, and other creatives - get in touch!
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  • Los Angeles Photo Festival “Concept: Turkey”

    Los Angeles Photo Festival “Concept: Turkey”

    The Los Angeles Photo Festival brings Turkey to downtown Los Angeles, placing images of Turkish streets on exhibit in Hatakeyama Gallery as part of a “Concept: Turkey” photo competition.
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Restaurants & Cafes

Top 7 seafood restaurants in Bodrum

Orfoz A mouthwatering selection of seafood dishes like oven-baked mussels, cheesy oysters, octopus with garlic, fresh crabs and much more await ... Read More »

New In Our Listings

From the owners of Topaz, Blue Topaz and Colonie, Escale is a bar-restaurant concept, located on ... Read More »

Top 7 local foods in Bodrum

Sebzeli Döner A mix of seasonal, fresh and regional vegetables and meat, marinated with a special sauce. Head to the famous Şirin ... Read More »


The Globe
The Globe restaurant, which in its first year of operations served more than 200.000 dishes, is a ... Read More »


Narköy: the friendly farm

Even sprawling, gargantuan Istanbul, has its limits, and beyond these limits was where we were going, the three of us squeezed into a car with our ... Read More »

New In Our Listings

Banker Han
Housed in the renovated historic Banker Han, the hotel offers 36 stylish yet playful guest rooms ... Read More »
Régie Ottoman Istanbul
Set in a renovated 150-year-old Ottoman building, Régie Ottoman Istanbul is located on ... Read More »


Top 7 outdoor tables

Mikla Recently reserved a place in the world’s top 100 restaurants, Mikla’s terrace is worth a trip any day of the week. The ... Read More »

New In Our Listings

SUPA Suriye Pasajı Salon
Located in the heart of the city, SUPA, the Suriye Pasajı Salon is an event space managed by ... Read More »
Arnavutköy may once have counted as a sleepy village on the outskirts of the city, but those ... Read More »

Arts & Entertainment

Strange encounters of the Turkish kind: the tales of Evliya Çelebi

Evliya Çelebi is known as the Marco Polo of the Ottoman Empire, having traveled across Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, ... Read More »

New In Our Listings

Uniq Open-Air Stage
Uniq Open-Air Stage is a concert venue located in Maslak. The venue hosts major concerts from ... Read More »
Space Debris Art
Space Debris Art is a gallery founded in New York by artist Seyhan Musaoğlu, since migrating back ... Read More »


Style Zoom - Canan Eren Arditi

Canan Eren Arditi is the heart and soul of the Muse Kollektif shop in Gayrettepe, where she is a manager. Out and about, she is usually spotted ... Read More »

New In Our Listings

Pages bookstore
Pages is a multilingual bookstore founded by Syrian publishers Samer al Kadri and Gulnar ... Read More »
Grandma Vintage
Grandma Vintage's owner Gizem Saluvan worked for Mavi Jeans as a visual merchandiser for many ... Read More »


Breeze from Alaçatı: Olympic windsurfer Jimmy Diaz

Since the Professional Windsurfing Association brought its World Cup to the Aegean town of Alaçatı, the Turkish windsurfing scene has gone ... Read More »


Top 7 ways to cool off

Take a ferry ride across the Bosphorus – the benches along the sides of the ship are always the breeziest spots with the best view! Here ... Read More »

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